Flash Forward - Three months in under two minutes...

Ok... so it's been months since the blog last posted.   We could write a really loooonnnnggg entry and update you on all of the details of what happened in September, and October, and November, and December, and January, and February, and March, and most of April... and take up tooonnnnsss of time and promise you that we will now write more diligently....  but we've done all of that before and it hasn't worked out.  So, instead we are going to give you a few brief updates - here is the first one:  

The theater was finished in time for the Holiday Show, and it was beautiful, and we were so glad to be able to share it with everyone, and it was all wonderful.   Now we shall present photographic evidence of these statements.  

Sept 2013 - The walls are growing and growing....

Midway day on of Crazy Drywall Madness
DSC_0243 2.JPG

Umm... I think you missed a spot....

DSC_0250 2.JPG
DSC_0245 2.JPG

Sept 2013 - And the final pieces are up!

DSC_0254 2.JPG

And then a month passed in which Janice and Rich worked like crazy elves and painted and repaired the ceiling and covered it with the satin checkerboard pattern...  Sadly we were running around like such crazies that we are lacking photographic evidence that this all happened other than this photo of some sort of creature from the dark lagoon appearing in the middle of one crazy night:

And after all of this craziness, 36 gallons of paint, almost 1000 yards of decorator fabric, about seven million trips up and down on the genie lift, and some very tired arms and necks we ended up with this:

November 2013 - two weeks till showtime

DSC_0252 2.JPG
DSC_0225 2.JPG

Add in a stressful few days where the carpet arrived and was laid, the building inspector gave us the go ahead with our occupancy approval, all of the furniture was moved in, the beautiful new curtain arrived in giant boxes too big to move, and Janice worked her magic with a whole new room to decorate for the Christmas Show, and we ended up with this:

December 2013 - A few short minutes before the audience starts to arrive...


Of course, all of this was going on while Joel was working on putting together the show with our wonderful three performers.   Add in that and the audience and we ended up with this:

And that is three months in under two minutes.  :)  Stay tuned for the next three months of excitement!