Unlimited Bread stickzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Not too thrilling of a day, really. Storefront continues... more joint compound, more cement filler, more stripping. We decided we needed a belt sander for the door... so guess to what locale we headed?Rich had a meeting with a construction company about designing their website (please God, let them pay us in trade!!)... so he left me to wander around Lowe's all alone for two hours. When he got back we were there for another two hours. I want them to set up aero mattresses for us in the lumber department. Anyway - we did some fixture shopping for the kitchen and the bedroom... I learned that you can't have a ceiling fan in a kitchen where you are serving commercial food. So my sexy black and maple fan (to match our cabinets and countertop) was a no-go. We did find some brushed nickel overheads that we liked - and those would match the cabinet hardware Rich got at the Home Depot blowout. We also looked for stuff for the bathroom and found some very inexpensive cobalt blue tile and and floor tile we like a lot. And we bought cement to fill my giant holes. Get out of the gutter, people... the giant holes in my office ceiling. There's something called hydraulic cement (which sadly I DON'T think has anything to do with operating a tire to fly Grizabella to the heavy-side lair kind of hydraulic). Anyway - it should patch the pock mark up they say.

The Lowe's dude of the day said Brasso should rescue the antique deco tin (?) fixtures that are in need of a good polish. By Rich - so a Polish polish.

After our marathon Lowe-down (like a Hoe-down with caulik) we treated ourselves at Olive Garden. We had the same charming, energetic, cute-as-a-button waiter who remembered us (do we stick out, I asK??) from last visit. The poor guy was so chipper - "Soup! Breadsticks? Soda? Is everything ok? Can I get you anything else? More soup? More breadsticks?". We sat there crumpled over like muppets hung up for the night just saying things like "erggggg hmmmmm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz".

We left a good tip. Poor kid. It was like watching a cruise entertainment director trying to organize shuffleboard with a group-booking of Narcoleptics.

Mr Sparkle (the truck - named from a Simpsons episode) got his first bath today. It was overdue...he looked more like Mr. Spackle.

We're hitting the hay early kids. G'night.