The Laundry Room turns a new Tide and gets Snuggly Soft. Nov 8 & 9

The next two days were all about the laundry room/Jo Jo office space. The room transformed pretty incredibly in a short period - thanks largely to Janice being soooo awesome to stay and extra two days and help us get everything ready so that it could be nice for my Dad's arrival (since he won't get to see the building hardly ever - so we really wanted the apartment to be as close to finished as we could get it). She also managed to get almost all the boxes in the ktichen put away and organized, to the point where we are super-close to being able to cook an actual meal. All that and she brought chili. Janice pretty much kicks Xena's butt. And Xena NEVER once made cornbread. So first item of the day was to get the room really well vacuumed in preparation to lay down the subfloor. I have no idea how I ended up having this job since I normally don't vacuum to Rich's satisfaction. Ok...I don't even vacuum to Po's satisfaction. I suck at vacuuming. But I did my best.


Meanwhile Rich and Janice worked on a few little plumbing hiccups in readiness for the washer and dryer. Janice took the opportunity to model her new safety glasses whose distinct look she chose so that no one off would mistakenly run off with them. Namely me.


So then it was time to paint. In order to expedite matters the pack leader, for like the first time EVER, suggested a group painting ambush. Normally, since painting is one of the few things I actually can do without making things collapse, break, leak or explode... it is designated as a Jo Jo task. But in interest of getting the paint up as quick as possible we actually went at it all together. Which was way more fun. Particularly since Rich rolled the ceiling - which was totally the hardest part. See the ceiling is still that uneven pockmarked concrete - so it took a lot of strength to get decent coverage - and Rich did great.

Originally my office was going to be this really bright sunny yellow that I picked out. Ok, that's not true. Originally it was this weird sort of pink color that I must have chosen while under the influence of Day-quil or something (perhaps the potential behind-the-water-heater-residue impaired my judgement?). And I saw reason on that. And then I picked out this really bright yellow - because the room is kind of like a cave - and dark - and I wanted something bright and happy.


BUT when we yanked out the old kitchenette and saw how open the room was going to be into the living room... there was an issue. The living room was already a creamy yelllow - and the transition would just be gag-worthy. So we needed ANOTHER plan. BUT we had a grey blue that was the original choice of color for the kitchen (before the baby puke and the current warm yellow). And it's a really nice color (it just didn't go with the countertops we eventually chose). So - we had that waiting for a use - voila. It was very weird putting it on because the room was painted a kind of blue when we arrived - and in the can this new color looks really grey blue - but on the wall when were first putting it on - against the old blue it looked this really scary purple. But it was just because it was AGAINST the other blue. Once it got painted out it was dandy. And even if it hadn't been - I would have been working in an eggplant because I'll be damned if we were gonna have to paint ANOTHER room twice.

So then, while that was drying, we were able to start cutting subfloor. Which actually went in, until the very end (where Rich had to trim down some tricky edges), really quickly. We hadn't even originally planned on subfloor for my office - but when we decided the laundry was going to live there - and therefore need linoleum in a certain area - there wasn't much of a choice.


And then, after another liberal hoovering, (this time by Janice - I was only trusted with the less critical pre-subfloor vacuuming) we rolled out the linoleum. I wanted as much carpet as possible...and Rich wanted as much linoleum as possible (in case the washer ever leaked) so we kind of played a barter game of inches...and then cut. And glued. And by this time - thats the one thing we can do in our sleep. Other than sleep.


And that marked the end of Monday.

Tuesday I was a total loser because I had all this back-logged work that was due the next morning for our Festival submission. And it was all me. And it was all not done. And I had no choice but to knuckle down and design three potential sets for three potential shows in order to make sure that they would be feasible within the budgetary constraints we were going to submit for approval. Real set designers can do this and figure out costs in like no time. Cuz they are good at it. I'm OK at it. And designing one set that I like takes like a this was not easy. And I sat holed up in Richs office, spread out on the floor, under blankets with a space heater practically taped to my head getting the stuff done. And it sucked because Janice was here to help with my office and I wasn't helping. So even though I didn't know what else to blew chunks. And Dad was coming the next day, so obviously I wanted to be helping to get as much done as possible.

But Rich and Janice did an incredible job all day working on getting the room ready to install the washer and dryer. They got the carpet padding laid out, cut and installed...


And then the carpet... EVERY ACTOR WANTS TO TACKLE A LARGE ROLL carpet.JPG

And, by the time the carpet was installed, they were more than ready to test it out. CARPET LAYER dead-janice1.JPG

They had a tricky time getting the carpet secured at first. Rich thought they'd be able to just staple it around the edges - but with the padding the staples just wouldn't grab hardly at all. So then they drove over to the Maison Merde and picked up the carpet tack strips which we had bought for over there. So they spent all this time installing those and hammering them in, but then realized that in order to get a proper grip they are supposed to be installed under the carpet with the padding trimmed at their side (not sandwiched between). Finally, (and I didn't witness the final solution) they did some trimming and nailing and it worked out great. Then they got the threshold nailed in between the carpet and the linoleum (and Rich now seems to have mastered the art of cutting those little metal beasties - after our last battle with them for the breakfast nook (I'll find out his new secret and pass it on)). And the flooring great - and the room is pretty much unrecognizable. I mean, it's still a kind of raw looking room - because of the attic ceiling and the rough cement walls...but it's really cozy and the carpet is super soft... and I love it.

We carried the washer and dryer into the room and in like A FLASH Rich had them installed and running. Like I was amazed. He and Bob had been working on the attachments and connections and pipes and stuff all weekend - and I knew it was all ready to go - but Rich got them in place and was testing them out like in five minutes. It was kinda nutty. Including the dryer plug. Did you know dryers don't come with plugs? I mean - isn't that kind of crazy? I think it's really crazy because there's not one UNIVERSAL plug - they vary - so doesn't it seem like it makes sense to just, y'know, stick on in the box along with it? What do I know.


So - they work. Great. And the dryer also produces heat. So the fact that we've had to do constant loads of laundry for a day and a half solid to get everything clean - has helped keep this chilly apartment toasty. In fact, right now Rich has the dryer venting into the hallway leading downstairs (he needs about six hours to get it venting outside) and if you go into the hallway while the dryer is running you can get yourself toasty AND have a facial. It's like a rainforest in there.

But, with the first run of laundry swishing through the washing machine, we celebrated with an impromptu pizza party to break in the carpet.


And the next day: That's Saul Folks.

xo JO JO.