Evicted :)

So the deal is this - today we spent hours working on my office/our laundry room. We got the room painted, subfloor installed, and linoleum (for the washer and dryer to sit on) glued in. But - we didn't get to the carpet yet which will happen tomorrow. WHICH MEANS my computer and all the photographs ON it are all taken apart strewn around the hallway impossible to plug in. So - no blog tonight. I've been taking lots of pictures though and you'll get a full report. ALSO tomorrow I have a huge amount of work to do for our festival submission - but hopefully I'll get it done in time to blog in the evening. If not - you know i'm still burning the midnight oil. So at least now you have the excuses in advance - apparently Jean Anne was baraged by concerned citizens worried that I was dead when there was a lack of blogage. So I just wanted you to know I would if I could...but I can't until I got power again :)

In the meantime... here's the link to the article (it's missing one picture which you already saw ages of ago of me liquid nailing. http://h-ponline.com/articles/2007/11/05/news/004theater.txt