We have money left to deposit?

So we opened a bank account here today. No biggy. Rich would NOT let me have the Tweetey Bird checks. Curses. Then a Wall Mart run to buy more paint clothes cuz my shorts have so much joint compound in them we can use them as statuary.

We hit Nicks for lunch. The special today was CUBE STEAK!!! Woo hoo... It's one of those "Things my mom used to make" and it's certainly NOT something you ever come across in NYC. It was fan-tastic. Rich was going to order it too... but there was only one left. He made the ultimate sacrifice and let me have it. Awwwww. Ain't he just the best? He did, however, order friend chicken in a basket - so I don't think he was really suffering too much. Quickest way to soothe the savage Najuch? Fried anything. Although the chicken in a basket was not in a basket - I don't know if that is a federal offense or not. Even if it is... cube steak is every tuesday so I'm not gonna tell the authorities.

Back to the salt mines for some more Hi Ho Hi Ho. We returned to the fun filled store front. I did some more work on my quarter round door frame extravaganza... I think it's ready for the Dri Loc. Rich started stripping the paint (I revolted and begged him not to make scrape any more paint off any more walls until the foyer)... and he did a mighty fine job. Not that I was able to escape the entire stripping GENRE. I tackled the door to the storefront which had so many layers of paint on it that the moulding detail looked really gloppy. We hoped that there would be some nice wood beneath and... VOILA - there was. I got a lot of the paint off - and tomorrow morning Rich is gonna take it off the hinges and go at it with the rotary sander. Then we'll find out from Natalie what the new foyer doors are stained (they are still at the carpenters or somewhere - we aren't having them delivered until we're ready to open the coffee house) and we'll stain this door to match. The storefront is at that awful stage where you can spend five hours in there working yourself silly and it still looks like you've done nothing - becuase it's all prep for painting. Soon though I should be able to Dri Loc the whole area (which means $90 for a vat of Dri Lok - but it will make the walls look so much smoother and nicer) and things will start to come together. The bummer is that they will probably put in the carpet and the linoleum while I'm out of town - so I won't get to see the final result for a while. I guess it will be a nice surprise when I get back.

We don't have the power turned on in the storefront so when the sun starts to go down behind the buildings - even though it's a while before it gets dark - we can't really see to keep working. So we headed indoors. I got the bucket of ready-mixed concrete patch and started to make a go at the ceiling in my office. It's a slanted concrete ceiling - unfinished. I don't REALLY mind it - but it has all these pock marks and kind of feels like the bat cave. Without the butler or Robin. Bummer on both counts. I covered the floor (which has all our tools and cleaning supplies and stuff strewn all over it - because until we take out the living room stove and open up that wall (into my office) I can't really set it up and get it organized anyway) and dove into trowelling. Now here's the thing. Concrete does NOT defy gravity. So I walked out of there looking like an extra from 'The Birds' right after the birds had lunch. I ran out of concrete goo so I'll have to get more - BUT i definitely made progress. Some of the holes are just too big for the glop - so I'll have to see if they can suggest something as a filler at Home Depot. I"m thinking that spray foam and then run the concrete filler over the it to skim a smooth surface. But that might be a disaster so I'll have to ask.

See - you can see that smaller holes are smoothed over, but the big holes are still there. Grrr.



Found out today the health center at the University (the gym we're gonna join) is open till 10 or 11pm depending on the day. That's better than my NY Sports Club... so that's awesome. Of course I need to get my license so I can go, cuz today I asked him if after our 'work day' we could go to the gym. If he had laser beams in his eyes - I would have been chicken in a basket.

Last night we took my early birthday present from Rich upstairs. He got me a Lazy Boy when he was in New Hampshire cuz he found them at a great price - and apparently spent like seventy hours picking out a fabric I would like. I liked it :). Anyway - so because of the whole 'getting it to Indiana in a truck' issue it wasn't really gonna make it as a surprise - so I got it early. Now the living room is painted we brought it upstairs (so we can collapse). The chair came upstairs. After EXACTLY one minute I turned my back... left the room... came back and....