The power of the Pie-be.

First and foremost. A major major blog correction. As any self-respecting confirmed bachelor knows, the Golden Girls live in Miami NOT Malibu as stated yesterday in the blog. I mean getting that wrong is like illegal in my circles. See, being a non-native American I get these places confused. Really - I THOUGHT Malibu was in Florida - hence the confusion. But, as Winston pointed out, with GREAT consternation... Blanche and Rose DO sing "Miami is nice, Miami is nice, Miami is nice so I'll say it twice". Totally treasonous. Apologies. So, obviously since Hurricane Najuch has blown through town there is, as every weekend a LOT to show you... Bear with me cuz I'm pretty darn tired (Bob seemed to think Daylight Savings Time provided an extra hour to WORK not SLEEP) this may be low on chuckles and heavy on pics. :)

But don't worry - you're not the only one peeved that the blog has been lacking lately. For which I apologize. Apparently THREE people came into Nick's Kitchen yesterday and complained to Jean Anne about the absence of a new entry in three days. So - when the last one finally went up EVERYBODY around the household needed to check it out. Sometimes in pairs...


So the big news... the insanely gigantic news really is the newspaper article. Front page kids. No, not just front page. LEAD STORY - TOP of the front page. With two color pictures. Amazing. See - a little thank you pie never hurts. And my Mother made us buy eight zillion copies :) The really funny thing is - when you look at the picture (I can't post it yet because they don't update the Herald Press website until the you'll be able to read the link tomorrow) is look at the way I'm sitting. Because the entire time they were interviewing us he was taking pictures at the same time...and the entire time I was thinking to myself "sit butch...sit butch." The article is actually very nice...nothing that made Rich and I feel like we'd massively screwed up... and only one place each where we said "Did I say that? I didn't say THAT?"... and we both actually did. So. The only thing in it that is really, really hysterical is this one line which MEANS to say "Four years ago they decided to produce a play together and found it so rewarding that they pursued the idea of starting their own company." What it SAYS is..."Four years ago they produced a play together and were smitten". Which sounds like we met four years ago...a magical choir sang...and since then we've been co-habitating confirmed bachelors. Smitten. But that's the only thing in it that makes us seem really fruity - so snaps for that. :) The article is really awesome...and since it's the front page, it's huge instant public awareness. So tomorrow Rich is expecting a mile-long line of contractors, carpenters, masons and ushers proffering their wares. Although we went to Applebees tonight and were NOT mauled for autographs... Someone, however is already prepared for appearing incognito in public....

JOE COOL (cool cuz it's freakin' FREEZING HERE) cool-shades.JPG

It is actually getting really cold around here. Rich is actually even going to call Keith to turn on the gas so we can TURN ON the heat. Which I never thought he'd actually break down and admit was necessary. When RICH admits it's's cold kids. In fact at one point today I held up Po who was shivering and said "Look - and she has FUR". Admittedly it's also pretty darn chilly around here because we only have two space heaters to work with - all our base board heaters were removed when we put in new drywall - and hopefully Brian and come and install them soon. Cuz there's only so many blankets Po can commandeer...


Ok - so a super quick backtrack on two things I wanted to tell you about. One - remember I was saying we took a trip to Indy. Well - as I've mentioned the pie is catching up with us over in these parts...and Rich and I are NOT fitting our clothes very well. Things are going to get a lot better now that the kitchen is about to be christened... but some exercise is DESPERATELY called for. Otherwise when we finally open it's going to look like the theatre is run by the Jabba the Hutt and the Pillsbury Dough Boy. And as much as we'd like to be able to get the University gym every day to work out...and admire the view... it's just not gonna happen for a while. So Rich started looking for some gym equipment on Craigslist and he managed to find a really, really nice home gym that would normally be 800 bucks for only 200. And compared to most other things in that price range (200) which was about all we could justify as an investment right now... this was incredible. So - we head to Indy in Mr. Sparkle. We get there and this thing is BIG. I mean - it's sizeable. But the two guys selling it (oddly enough we were convinced they were NOT confirmed bachelors) helped us and had socket wrenches. So we managed to take apart the bits that would flail around wildly - unhitched the weight stacks...and drove an hour and a half back to Huntington like THIS...


But - amazingly we got it home without any trouble (it's amazing what the pack leader can do with a couple straps), and now it's sitting in the lobby. In a couple days we'll get it up in it's new home upstairs in one of the little side rooms off of the balcony. For a year and'll be just fine there. And if we eventually need that space for something else - we'll figure out a solution then.

Anywayyyyy... Bob and Janice arrived early, early in the morning and we got straight to it. Like it was about three hours before I normally surface... so it was pretty impressive that I didn't accidentally liquid nails the dog to the toilet. Janice and I were charged with seriously this time...FiINISHING the bathroom and kitchen. Or else. And Bob and Rich were to spend the weekend dealing with removing the old bathroom and the water heater and stuff in my office area and readying the plumbing etc. for the washer and dryer. Now if you think about it the men folk were VERY VERY canny to demolish the old bathroom first thing. Because it meant that Janice and I had very little choice but to get the NEW bathroom ready for use.

Yes... you heard me say it. The evil...icky...scary...awful bathroom is NO MORE. Apparently when they got the shower stall out and removed the eighty two layers of was even less pleasant that it was before. There was definitely a moldy smell and the floor was practically rotted out. But in a very short time they had the whole thing ripped apart and gutted. For a couple of hours the hallway looked really interesting with the shower stall and toilet sitting there minding their own business...

RIP shower-out.JPG


Here's the ex-bathroom gutted... IT ACTUALLY LOOKS NICER THIS WAY shower-death.JPG

And, ready for couple new joists and subfloor. BATHTOMB evil-floor.JPG

So when all this was accomplished we hit a speed bump. The old bathroom had been set to become our new laundry room. I mean c'mon the dryer has been sitting in our LIVING room for Pete's sake. See the plan was to knock out the doorway in order to get the washer and dryer in the room, then repair the wall and put in louvered doors. BUT - Bob realized that the wall we were going to knock out - was load bearing. Waaaaaahhhhh. Which meant we had to go back to plan A, from the very early days, when we were going to have to put the washer and dryer in my office. So - I pouted for a little while...but there wasn't anything to be done about it, and it certainly wasn't anybody's fault. The real question then became what to DO with the former bathroom. My vote was a storage closet - because even though we have 10,000 square feet of building... not a whole lot of it is really great for personal storage of stuff like linens etc. And since it's right at the top of the stairs going to the street, I thought it was a dandy place to set up racks for our bulky winter coats. Of which, considering the rapidly decreasing temperature, we may need many. To wear on top of each other.

So that was my vote. Janice, on the other hand, has long had a campaign running to keep that room as a half bath. In fact when the washer and dryer were going in there she was still keen to try and keep a toilet in there as well. See, they sleep on the fold out bed in the living room when they visit... and with the NEW bathroom, if they have to go potty in the middle of the night they have to go through our bedroom to reach it. And, as well as Bob is adjusting to the concept that there's only one double bed in this place... I don't think he really relishes seeing it INHABITED. So - the half bath was getting a vote. Rich was desperately trying to keep everybody happy - so he figured out a plan that he thinks will accommodate both. We sort of haggled back and forth and I think that it's now going to be a toilet and a pedestal sink on one side, and then louvered doors with a (still ample) closet for storage and coats. And we can also get some shelves up above the toilet - because it's not like it's going to be a bathroom for SHOW - it's simply to accomodate guests in a pinch. Rich even tried using " won't have to walk as far to go the bathroom when you're writing the blog" as a vote getter. Yeesh. But - if he can make this work it will be great for everyone - and I'd certainly hate for Bob and Janice to rupture their bladders in the night. Cuz we need them in good health if this place is ever gonna get finished :)

So - while they were tearing apart the evil ex bathroom, Janice and were fumbling around trying to get the new one completed. And the kitchen. Our first big project was cutting, staining and installing the wooden quarter round along the bottom of all the kitchen cabinets. This took a while, and was finicky, but it was SUCH a good idea (snaps for the pack leader). Somehow it instantly transformed the cabinets into looking really custom built. It finishes them off beautifully and covers the linoleum seams. It just makes them look so much more up market. And the stain (called 'natural') was a very close match to the cabinet color. So, if you ever buy pre-fab cabinets... I totally suggest you do this little trick. It was only a couple hours and a couple bucks...and the results (tough to see in small picture) are great...

From Pre Fab to "Be Fab". quarter-round-kitch6.JPG

Next up, the Tweedles decided to get pretty big for their britches and tackle... (ominious music) CROWN MOLDING. So, see, this stuff is way trickier because you're not only cutting angles, it has to sit AT an angle so the angle you're CUTTING gets all complicated. Ok, like not complicated for a person who isn't a moron...but for me... complicated. This is normally not something I would attempt without one of the men-folk present...but the clock was ticking and we were going to need to take a shower sometime between now and next month. So - I had a go. And, amazingly, we managed it. The challenging part is that the molding has to have a sort of end plate. Because crown molding sits out at an angle, you can't just cut it to length and leave it at the end. You have to kind of cut an angle and then have it turn a little corner on itself to cap it off. And this, again, is totally easy for your average carbon based life form...but it involved math and geometry and things that are covered in cobwebs deep within my brain rolodex. But I managed to do it without either screwing up too many times or cutting off too many fingers.


So every once in a while we would go check on the boys... who by now had moved into my office and were doing all sorts of things with blow torches and pipe and conduit and crap that I could never hope to understand. I did get a little concerned when at one point I walked in and I heard Bob say... "Now I need two nuts and a nipple". I didn't feel it polite to ask questions.

OK - Rich just informed me it's bedtime... so I'm gonna do part two of the big weekend update in the morning. OK :)

sleep tight kids. jo jo.