We may have a working fridge...but our hot dog is still spoiled :) Oct 31, 07

So I'm not blogging tonight because we have to be up really early for an appt in Fort Wayne...but we got a whole lot done and tomorrow THE KITCHEN AND BATHROOM WILL BE....DONEEEEE. (we think). I know you've heard that before. Bite me. This time it's actually likely.

Although we were too busy to get dressed up for the festivities someone WAS in a holiday mood... Apparently inspired by all the lackluster DIY going on about the place, Po decided to take matters into her own paws...

WORKIN' WIENEE. po-halloween.JPG

DOG AT WORK dsc_0015.JPG


This classy outfit was courtesy of Po's aunt Cheryl - or rather since it's Rich's aunt...Great Aunt Cheryl. Although she was not the biggest fan of wearing the hard hat, she was quite the hit on the street today.

Apparently, Po is a VERY popular girl this time of year - but her couture was NOT the only gift she received. Her confirmed bachelor uncles back in the big city, Dan and Winston sent her a very special bedtime book.


And, I think I would be remiss if I did not point out it was Uncle Dan who found the pressie.... and he was very pleased about it indeed. Rich read her the entire story out loud. We aren't holding our breath for her book report :)

The Haunted Hotel across the street will finally be over tonight. I like the theme to the exorcist as much as the next guy... but on a loop tape for four hours a night... not so much.

xo me.