No, really... good excuse.

So WHY IS THERE NO BLOG tonight you ask angrily...Well I'll tell you. It's because the pumpkin competition is tomorrow. I almost just decided not to bother because I didn't get to start until like 9pm. But...we spent the money - and they're really nice pumpkins. So - with the pack leaders blessing I went downstairs on the tile in the foyer (the designated jo-jo mess area) and played around.

So - here they is.

The first one is the Huntington Courthouse (Ok, there ain't a lotta landmarks to choose from...I wasn't carving Dan Quayle). It's hard to see in the picture but it says "HAUNT-INGTON, IN".


So that's the fairly traditional one.

The other one I really wanted to take a stab and carving them the way I'd see this guy do them online. He is AMAZING. Take a look at and prepare to be blown away. Make sure you find the one of Mt. Rushmore.

Anyway - this guy really CARVES I thought I'd give it a shot. It's very hard... or takes getting used to. I've never NEGATIVE scultping... (like carving marble) - where you take away rather than add. When you ADD it's tough to screw up... this way... be prepared to creatively cover your mistakes.

Anyway - here it is. It's a witch. Her hat curves up along the top.


And lit...kind wacky, huh.


So I have to get Rich up REALLY early because we need to go to Walmart and get some battery operated lamps...because the courthouse one looks like ASS without a bright light in it.

Anyway - it was fun. And now I need to sleep.

Linoleum is glued. Pics tomorrow.