The wallpaper for the foyer finally arrived from Merry-Olde-England. We have no idea why it's only available in England - but it does make us sound very discerning doesn't it. Even if people hate it, they'll have to say "OHhhhh, but it's from ENGLAND". I kind of like imagining a little quaint couple, played by Ian Holm and Maggie Smith wandering around going "I say, Beryl, after this cuppa tea we really must post that wallpaper to those Americans... they'll be wanting it ever so. Pass the scones". So - it's here and now we can pick out paint colors. Of course we haven't got a hope in hell of getting TO the walls to paint them because the foyer is packed with kitchen cabinets and our NY apartment contents. But - patience, grasshopper.

But - I'll post a picture of the pattern so you can see. Keep in mind - these will only be framed panels of wallpaper along one all of the foyer - they are accents - not the total area. And we had to find something that suited the Deco period.



So the rest of the foyer design will sort of be worked around this base pallette... beiges, olives, and some gold leaf trim details. Keep in mind it's a foyer mom... they don't make cream foyers with cream trim. :)

I DO think they will look peachy keen cool with the light fixtures that Rich picked at that Home Depot liquidation (another big reveal... excited?)...



So - when we get to the foyer/coffee house it'll be a whole heap of fun to put together. But not until I have somewhere to cook, somewhere to eat, AND...somewhere to, well, get rid of what I cooked and ate when nature calls.

xo me.