Sealed with a mist. Oct 23, 07

So today was a whole lot of catch up. Whenever the Najuch clan returns to Ohio we have to spend some time getting a lot of other stuff looked after the next day. For Rich it was lot of web-related stuff. For me it was blog, blog, blog. As you well know, and for which you probably still resent me. The day started though with like the most amazing and sweet thing. Jean Anne called us and said that Margaret (one of our Huntington avid-bloggers) had, because we weren't feeling well, made cookies for us and dropped them off at Nick's. So Jean Anne called us so we could come get our cookies. I was SOOOOO blown away. I mean, it's just the sweetest thing... and she gave us a card saying she was in blog withdraw and hoped the cookies would help me feel better. Amazing. And, they were pretty darn great. In fact I wanted to take a picture of all the cookies for the blog... but by the time I got there...well... we'd eaten like most of them :) Well, they were REALLLLY good. And since Po is sick, she got a little sample too. She gave them 'two non-opposable thumbs up'. So thanks Margaret. Sometimes we really aren't sure if we'll ever belong here... and having something like that happen just made us feel really neat. And yes, I just used the word 'neat'. Sue me.


Jean Anne's dad, who has been having a rough time with chemo, is feeling better which is great news. Super sad news, though, is that Mitch - Jean Anne's dog and her other Schnauzer Buddy's long-term fellow confirmed bachelor roommate is not at all well... and tomorrow he is going to have to be put to sleep. He's fourteen, so he's had a very good long healthy life. But we know it's gonna be a sad day in the Pork Land. So I was really glad that Jean Anne said the blog made her laugh last night - because I'm glad I can keep her smiling. We'll miss Mitch a lot... Po always thought he was a very snappy dresser.

Our original intention was to seal the grout this morning and install the toilet after a few hours. But there were a few places on the floor that, in the light of day, I saw that I had missed. And I wanted to patch them. Which means you have to wait a bunch of hours before you can seal. Technically 24... but I was patching like four half inch places - so by late this evening we gave it a green light. But that meant we had some time during the day when we couldn't do anything in the bathroom... so we decided to go GET PUMPKINS!!!!

See the Chamber of Commerce has this pumpkin competition - oh wait - You know this already. Remember? The prize is fifty dollars... and Rich said that meant I couldn't spend MORE than fifty dollars on the pumpkin. Whatever. Perfection costs, buddy. Anyway - Jean Anne gave us instructions to the orchard, and asked us to pick her up a bushel of Ida Reds for her as well... Which meant if we were lost on route THERE WOULD BE NOOOOO APPLE PIEEEEE. For anyone. Ever again. Actually we very nearly GOT lost. Ok - we did get lost. But it meant I got a really long driving lesson, which was nice. Rich missed the turn for the place, apparently (I just look straight ahead and in my mirrors every six seconds... and I go where I'm told), and didn't realize it. So we ended up driving...and driving...and driving. It was actually a really nice drive because the leaves have just started to turn - and they are amazing. It's been a really long time since I saw autumn leaves in the countryside. Ok, I don't have a 24 hour gym walking distance from my apartment anymore... but I do have REALLY PRETTY LEAVES :) So we saw lots of leaves. Lots. I think we would have gotten a little concerned about our lostedness, but the great thing about having the Garmin is, that even if YOU don't know where the crap you are... it does. So even though we weren't sure where the ORCHARD was (cuz we didn't know the exact address to type that into the GPS) the Garmin did know OUR location and how to get us back to freeway. So we backtracked and then Rich realized our booboo and we arrived at the orchard.

Now, I WANTED to get our pumpkin from Roloff farms where the family from Little People Big World has their pumpkin orchard. But Rich says no. I think it's because he is height-ist (which is like racist for short people)... but he claims that it's because Roloff farms is 5,000 miles away. Whatever. They're in the Midwest... we're in the midwest... it can't take more than a couple hours to get to Oregon, right?

Anyway - if I couldn't have a pumpkin raised by dwarfs...then these are pretty awesome. I know it's stupid - but where I come from they don't HAVE orchards - (and they don't have them in London, Los Angeles or Manhattan neither) so this is lots of fun for me. I'm sure the rest of you think I'm a freak. But there were LOTS of pumpkins. See, in Bermuda, everything has to be imported. Which means a) you're pumpkin choices look mostly like someone watered the pumpkin patch with thalidomide and b) they cost about $2 million dollars.

These pumpkins were AWESOME. And big. And really incredibly inexpensive considering how big the ones Jo Jo kept picking out were. I kind of got over excited at one point and yelled across the orchard to Rich "Um...I think I might need a pumpkin intervention".


While I ran around like a two year old going "i want this this one... no i want this one..." Rich picked out Jean Anne's bushel. First this involved us learning what a bushel actually was. Having gained my entire vocabulary from musical theatre songs... no really....all I know is that Adelaide loves Nathan "a bushel and a peck"... but I know not what either ACTUALLY means. The apples were in baskets which apparently were HALF bushels. And two bags equalled a bushel. I don't know if one basket equalled one bag. This is because I was still running around going "i want this one... no that one...this one looks like a bunny..."


So I picked out my pumpkins. Note plural. See I wanna do a fancy one for the competition - but I also have this other idea that I wanna do for it that's really easy - but fun. And I wanted one in case I screw one up. And I wanted one to practice with. And then I wanted one to be a hat for another one (no really). See now why Rich gave me fifty dollar limit. After five years he knows how to buck the system. Anyway - the most hilarious thing was after I spent like twenty minutes in pumpkin picking agony, Rich strides out of the apple barn... walks into the orchard... looks down and goes "That's a good pumpkin...I want that one". "you want a pumpkin???" I asked...not thinking of him as the pumpkin carving kind of dude. I was actually very excited that he was going to play along. But the maddening thing was - he walks out - looks down in .02 seconds and picks out this PERFECT pumpkin. It's awesome. It's good to be the pack leader.

So here was our haul:


Please note - if you look at the previous blog and take a look at the auction shit box kitchen... we clearly would now be ready to accessorize if Rich gets paddle happy at the proceedings.

Also, knowing me, you have already figured out how much fun I was having running around the orchard with a wagon. So I was gonig "wagon wagon... i want that pumpkin... wagon that one looks like Star Jones...wagon pumpkin." Don't you envy Rich his life?

Of course, not every pumpkin gets asked to the prom... PROACTIVE PUMPKIN acne-pumpkin.JPG

And this was just funny:


So we headed home with a pumpkin patch in the back of the truck. Rich drove home, because I didn't want to be responsible for pumpkin-cide.

So, we got back...I blogged some more... he worked...and it was time to head out to Lowes. To get the replace the threshold I broke. And a door for the bathroom. Rich already bought one for the purpose... but he's thinking now we might be able to use a prehung one because of some of the changes in design we made along the way. And I'm all for that. Anything that involves the word "pre" in it suggests that there is less for me to screw up. We shopped those out - but are gonna go back tomorrow for them after he's taken some measurements for some other stuff. We also picked out a doorknob. What? these things are IMPORTANT, really. And then we hit Home Depot and comparison door shopped. Rich also had a confab with the tool guys (which, really, for some reason cracks me up watching Rich talking about tools with these big burly old-school guys) because the Ryobi router and the Ryobi router stand which he and Janice bought at that clearance, do NOT seem to be wanting to work together. It's apparently a matter of a couple screws that are jussssst too short to attach the router to the stand. And they are both the same make...and are meant to work together. So, after some guy-talk about metric threads and grooves and heads and stuff I don't even begin to understand... they found something which they think will work. And I think Rich is now a member of the Elks.

So, since we were in fort wayne at night... you know what means. Olive Garden. This was entirely for professional reasons, mind you... we had to compare stucco. It looks pretty good. While there, we finally saw our favorite waiter, Jon with no H, again. He was like way at the other end of the restaurant - but in case you haven't figured this out.... Rich and I kinda stick out in a crowd... and he came a said hi. It had been ages since we'd seen him there... turns out he was in a play. At IPFW. He's a theatre major. So after about four seconds of telling him about the theatre, he pulls up a chair, sits down and OUR waiter starts bringing him beverages. It was pretty funny. And we're pretty confident he's not even a confirmed bachelor. But he's a really nice guy - and he wants us to come see him in shows. And he told me about their theatre department, which is where, at some point I'm hoping to get a job as an adjunct professor. If I can ever stop playing phone tag with the Chair of the department. :) So that was kind of fun. He said he'd be excited to tell us all about the theatre scene in Fort Wayne (which apparently is not entirely an oxymoron) we gave him our contact, and no doubt we'll see him again. Because after all...he works at Olive Garden.

When we got home it was tile sealing time. This was frighteningly easy...which means I'm sure I did it wrong. I'll probably get up in the morning and the tile will have turned neon green. It's just this stuff in a spray can (one can which shoots like a normal spray can for the shower walls; and one can that shoots downward for the floor). And it just...sprays. You aim it at the grout... spray...wipe off any puddled excess and let it dry. It apparently doesn't stick to the face of the tile - and just wipes off afterward with warm water. We're supposed to test it with by seeing if drops of water pool on the surface or sink we'll do that in the morning.

And then....TOILET TIME. And... dare I say it...linoleum. We're actually getting there people.

Sleep well... I will. JoJo.