There's no business like Lowe's business.

So having spent the weekend hopping between the two stores... Lowes and Home Depot. I never thought I would spend so much money in one place in my life. Other than the Angela Lansbury interactive museum and gift shop - but that's still only in the planning stages.... so :) Yesterday we bought the kitchen cabinets for our NEW KITCHEN. In which we can... yup... COOK!! I love Steak and Shake... but if I have one more low fat strawberry milkshake I may turn into Marlon Brado's stunt double. And we're talkin' 'Island of Dr. Mareau' Marlon, not 'Streetcar' Marlon. I can't wait to be able to actually make something - or at least buy something someone else made and microwave it!

We took our new kitchen dimensions... drawn with the handy dandy 'Sketch Up' - a AWESOME free program on Google that is like Auto Cad for Dummies. And I put the ME in Dum-me (see how I emphasized the 'dumbness' by making a spelling joke with the wrong spelling? I work hard for you, gentle reader). It's a great little tool and we measured out what the wall dimensions would be and then Ted, the nice and very patient man at Lowe's, helped us plan out our kitchen. I don't think he get's many first time home-owners of our particular variety, but he was awesome and really helped us figure out a tricky space.


The one tragic loss of the event was my Lazy Susan that I kind of had my heat set on. It was some weird childhood memory spinning play-thing-happiness issue. Wah. But in order to accommodate the bathroom - which we never planned to go in that area - the Lazy Susan couldn't make it. We COULD have built a bathroom without a door... but Rich thought it wasn't the best compromise. So, now, I will no longer be able to stage my miniature indoor recreations of Les Mis on the Lazy Susan turntable. Que Sera Sera. Or as Victor Hugo would have said... um... Que Sera Sera.

So we bought all the cabinets... and even though I'm not the best judge of these things, Rich thinks the kitchen will be provide tons more cabinet space than our old apartment had... which will be very welcome considering I"m supposed to be producing eight billion cupcakes for consumption in the coffee shop.

BTW I had this idea to make red velvet cupcakes with grey icing and call them 'Steel Magnolia Armadilla Cupcakes" - but I just CAN'T think of anything grey and edible to make little armadillo tails with. All suggestions are welcome. The winner gets eight tons of demolished drywall.

Oh - speaking of getting rid of demolished stuff - Rich took two of the vanquished radiators to the scrap yard and got $35 bucks for them... so we have like seven total of them... so that's a nice little pay off. Of course you have to PAY to take the demolished drywall to the Land Fill - so we're basically robbing Peter to pay Paul. Or something like that. It's the circle of Life without the singing monkey. Although we do have a barking weiner.

Back to Lowe's. Not that we ever left. We also bought the countertops. They are mottled black and brown. Apparently the dark one's wear faster - so we had decided to pick one we didn't like quite as much called 'Brazilian Brown'. BUT when Ted went to get us the countertops they didn't HAVE the Brazilian Brown and all they had in stock that would fit our dimensions was our first choice. We took it as a sign and went with the black.

Now we couldn't get all the cabinets in the truck (they are already assembled modular units - in a very attractive maple (all my decorating decisions are syrup based))... so today we rented a UHaul. At the Uhaul place, when we asked for the $19 day rental the gentleman looked at us as if we had two heads, despite the fact that there was a gigantic banner outside his window that said 'RENT A UHAUL FOR $19'. Whatever. We got the $29 Uhaul and drove (or rather 'rattled') to Lowe's. After Steak and Shake. Rich decided that since we had the large vehicle (which we needed to house us after Steak and Shake) that it would be good to get other large items. The credit cards started to weep. We NOT ONLY picked up the eleven kitchen cabinets and the countertops, we also picked up 2x4 for the kitchen framing, luan for the storefront, concrete filler for the walls in the storefront and my office, a new BATHTUB (amen!!) for... no guessing... the bathroom, two big utility fans, and ON SEASONAL CLEARANCE three, count 'em three air conditioners.

They had just put four 10,000 BTU standing air conditioners on sale cuz it's the end of the season and Rich leapt on them like a seven year old at Barnes and Noble the day Book Seven comes out. They were really good units and we HAD to have one for the store front and we really needed more air conditioners for the apartment because we are expanding the space so much. The kitchen and bathroom were never part of the apartment, nor were my office or Rich's. The present window unit does a very nice job in the existing small space - but it's not very comfy right now as I type this in my office (because when my door is open to the room where the air conditioner is, then it's also trying to cool down the hallway, the stairs and the bathroom. And it just ain't gonna. So these units were orginally $500 and we got them for $298. Score.

When we checked out we had four completely jam-packed flat beds (the 'I mean business' version of a shopping cart). The cashier looked at Rich and said "um.. are you taking all that... TODAY??". The nice folks even came out and helped us load the Uhaul. Snaps for Lowes.

Despite the genetic Najuch 'Sale-savvy'... with the kitchen, the bathtub and the air conditioners, plus the carpet and linoleum and other storefront expenses, it's been a heck of a pricey weekend. One great thing is that we managed to pay for kitchen while Lowe's was having a 0% financing event for twelve months. So we have managed to delay complete and total starvation for a while. :) Steak and Shake anyone?