Water Wonderful World. Oct 17, 07.

Not a whole lot to report to be honest peeps. But I'm gonna give you a quick update anyhoo. Before I get to anything else... a pause from our sponsors: These will only probably delight and amuse a certain demographic of our readership - but the xmas cards that I designed last year and had printed are back on sale at ebay. We actually were really thrilled with how great the printing quality was, and we got really great feedback on ebay about them... We would have sold them all last year except SOMEONE (who's name rhymes with DoDo) didn't get them designed before the end of November. So we were late in the game for card shoppers. Anyway - if any of you want to extend my odd sense of humor to your nearest and dearest in card form... these are 100% JoJo.

On the outside is a charming xmas scene with a familiar pair of legs dangling above the fireplace wearing ruby slippers. (forgive the watermark - it's how they appear on the ebay listing so people don't copy the image and use it as an ecard)

Garland Cards

On the inside it says: "This Holiday Season, don't forget to hang Garland."

Silly, right? Anyway - I'm almost positive the vast majority of you won't have anybody to send these to that are in the "judy garland" fanatic demographic. But Rich and I do know a few... and they liked these cards A LOT. So - I'm just letting you know they are listed again, so none of our friends will get mad for not telling them.

If you want them just go to the listing click on the capitalized ebay right here: EBAY Cards.

To be honest I think the two of us are running on fumes. I think soon, whether or not we have finished the bathroom and kitchen (we were trying to push through until completion) we might actually have to declare a 'no work' day. We're both tired, and grumpy and wandering around like construction zombies. And the problem is that every day you succumb to the exhaustion and DON'T get an enormous amount done, you then feel rotten about not accomplishing your goals for the day...week... decade :) He's had last-minute additional Columbia work demanding extra time, and I have script notes that I've been sending to new york for this reading... so we're also being pulled in multiple directions as well.

But - we're still trucking. And, honestly, if we can get a few hours of extra sleep snuck in somewhere, we'll be back on top.

I've managed to hurt my wrist somehow... not badly... it's just sore - like I mildly sprained it or something. And, of course, you do so much crap around here you never even notice if you've done actually hurt yourself.

So - remember those pictures I promised you of the Byron Street house. Oh - on that note - now that we are WORKING on the house - and it is on the road to renovation... eventually it would be wholly unfair to continue for too much longer to call it the Shit Box. So - we're going to have to come up with a new name for the place. Cuz I wouldn't want to hurt it's feelings and for it to undergo this big makeover and still have to go to a house therapist and be on Home-eopathic antidepressants for low self esteem. So - eventually we'll need a name change. I'm open to suggestions. And - also - as we develop new properties - there will be more than ONE shit box... so i feel shit box should be title that is passed down. Like Prince of Wales. For whom, some might say, Shit Box might have suited equally well.

So - anyway - the house. Rich and Bob spent Sunday tearing out the entire kitchen floor - and I've finally gotten the ridonkulous pictures to show what they accomplished to prepare for Keith's plumbing blitz. Apparently they stripped through multiple, multiple layers of stuff - linoleum and false flooring and all kinds of guck. There was one area that apparently had enough water damage that Bob proclaimed he should probably lay off the potato chips a little. Cuz his leg went right through it. No harm done. Except to the floor. Which was coming out anyway... so, their instincts were absolutely right to tear the whole thing out to the joists. And - as you can see - they went at it like beavers on amphetamines.



And just look at all the stuff they pulled out:


So - I'm real tired - and like I said, today was not one of enormous progress...



Rich managed to finally conquer his plumbing woes and finished the finish work. It's been a week of battling with flanges and drains and paste and valves and all kinds of stuff I don't understand. But he turned on the taps today and water CAME OUT. It's still cold, cuz the water heaters aren't running yet... but he's managed to get water running from the kitchen AND the bathroom. I know this is a HUGE hurdle for him. I think plumbing has always been one of those things he was nervous about... and Keith has been fantastic about letting us do absolutely everything from our end that we're allowed to do so we can keep costs down. But getting everything connected and running and (most impressive of all) not leaking was no small shakes for someone who's never done this stuff before. And he had to do the bathroom stuff solo - sans Bob. So - let's all give three cheers for the Pack Leader and his perseverance.



Oh, and here's a 'behind the scene's look:


I managed to get some stuff done today too...but nothing nearly so impressive. I sanded down all the finish joint-compound work I did yesterday evening and put a second layer of goo over it. I think with one more sanding most of it should be ready for a shot of that accoustical spray and we'll be ready to paint the walls. I also did the second pass on the new corner edges in the bathroom header that I installed. The main accomplishment of my evening however was doing the drilock on the bathroom ceiling. This was very successful for the REASON we were dri-locking (to cover the cracks and changes in textrure between concrete patch/original wall/and new drywall) but not so successful in others. So I'm gonna need to enhance it a little tomorrow.

Although it looks a little patchy here, that's just the darker concrete filler showing through. This is actually a very even texture which smoothes out the ceiling quite nicely.


And it was GOOD instinct to do this before I grouted - because no matter how careful I was, this stuff is gloppy and you have to have your brush heavily loaded to get the right texture when you stipple it. So paint did drip - not much - but enough that it would have gotten light marks on our black grout. So that was a good call.

Anyway - the problem area is this. I thought that a fairly generous layer of joint compound and then the drilock would provide enough of a smooth blend between the level change along the seams of the new drywall patch at the bathroom entrance. I was wrong. The TEXTURE of the whole thing is a great match - but the level changes look far too evident.


So, tomorrow I have try and run some more joint compound to fill in those areas in a way that the drylock doesn't have to try and mask such significant changes in depth. It should be fine. It wasn't something I would have known until I did this step - I kind of had to try this before I knew it wouldn't work by itself. The good thing is that it's not over the tub or shower - so grouting does not need to be delayed.

I'm gonna make the final decision about the driving test tomorrow. I'm wavering more than a pair of pendant earrings on Katherine Hepburn.

Anyway - someone around here seems to be spending plenty of time where the rest of us would like to be. In bed.


Oh yeah. Cindy didn't kill me. Go figure.

xo jojo