Day of Argghghhg.

In the process of trying to clean out mortar residue along the inside seven of the tiles - in anticipation of doing the grout shortly thereafter - I accidentally managed to scratch eight of the tiles. I had a complete nervous breakdown.


Yes we cleaned them out while they were still wet... but with eight zillion tiles there was bound to be a little goo still along the edges - and that would have popped up through the surface of the grout. Yes I should have ONLY scoured them with a sponge. I know that now. My trowel slipped and hey presto instant nightmare.

I chiseled them out. And tomorrow we have to go to Lowes to get another single sheet of them. Because, of course, I've run out of the tiles.

I also can't parallel park in a space the width of a football field without knocking over the trash can guides Rich set up for me.

It's been a good day. Actually, our favorite waitress at Applebees said that the other night was the best food she'd ever had at a wedding. Yay.

Sorry. I'll be chipper and optimistic tomorrow. Right now I'm going to hide under the covers and snuggle my dog. Who still drives better than I can.

Jo Jo.