Marquee. Whoopee.

I took this picture and wanted to make sure I posted it. Because we wanted to let people know that the theatre had some life again... And, hey, because we wanted to play with a new toy... We put letters up on the marquee for the holiday. Folks, putting those things up is a BITCH! The really long pole is pretty heavy, and unwieldy - and you have to get the letters hung on this little half inch ridge so that they are secure and don't fall off. It's like threading a needle long distance.



Anyway - i really like this picture - and it was kind of a really nice moment to be doing that for the first time. It was a 'wow...we own a theatre' moment. It was also a 'we need to look for more letters on ebay moment' cuz we don't have as many as we'd like. If we ever do "How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying" we're in trouble.

Now. Like i said these letters are tricky to put up and down. For the past three days I've been saying "we have to take down the sign" because I HATE it when people leave store displays up past the holiday or whatever. It's just lazy. Of course - we're exhuasted...which is the more legitimate cousin of lazy. So... Rich decided that he had a brilliant solution. He took down one thing and the sign now says...


Oy vey.