Well - one of the first giant tasks Rich and his Dad tackled was trying to remove the first of seven disused radiators we have peppered throughout our apartment, the storefront and the foyer.YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW HEAVY THESE THINGS ARE... The first one they went for was one that was just laying on the floor in the space that will be my office (from whence I currently type)... Now I am no steroid pumping wrestlemania star - but those days I spent at the gym for aesthetics did A LITTLE bit of payoff - and I could not budge this thing. I mean I couldn't make it even scoot 1/4 of an inch. So Rich and his dad managed to get it up on our new dolly we from Sears. (Yes, there is now more for MY life at Sears). The tires on the dolly IMMEDIATELY went flatter than Twiggys d├ęcolletage. So - they had to haul the radiator OFF the dolly. They got the portable air pump that his dad had in his truck and then they got it BACK on the dolly. Then we had to figure out how to get it down the flight of VERY steep hundred year old stairs that are the only way out to the street from our apartment right now. This involved...as you can see from our visual aids... lots of ropes and the potential for a very, very flattened older Najuch.

Up a very steep and narrow stairway...heavy-lifting.jpg


It wasn't paradise...but it was home.

This entire scary process took like an hour... and then we were at the bottom of the stairs... with only one member (Rich's Dad) of Team Huntington maimed. But it was his tummy and he said that's what the extra padding was there for.

Now Rich's Dad is an engineer and he guesstimates this thing weighed 400 pounds. We were very proud to have defeated it. Finally we dropped it in the alley at the back to await a master plan of how to get rid of it permanently. BTW I'd like to point out that the black thing I am wearing in these pictures is NOT a fashion corset. (Although it is slimming). It's my back brace, and for some reason every time I'm carrying a 400 pound object Rich insists I put it on. Worry wart.


The next morning it was GONE. The scrap metal fairy came and whisked it away. Wow. That's a LOT of heavy lifting for twenty bucks return...


Rich's dad, on their next visit (they arrived yestreday) brought his monkey wrench... THESE SUCKERS COME APART!!!!! So - they now have a system by which they use the saws-all (which, in fact, it does) to sever the radiator from it's umbilical cord-like pipe into the floor... and then they dismantle the bastards into individual sections that only weigh SEVENTY pounds. They're flying out of this place like hotcakes. For a while we were thinking of putting a sign in the alley that said "Dear Scrap Fairy - if you would like more radiators we have seven... please tell us". But now that they are more manageable, Rich wants a profit for his sweat - so we're going to take them in multiple trips to the metal money exchanger dude five minutes away... Hey - it'll be like a hundred bucks. And we need new windows.