Fawn With the Wind. Oct 3, 07

Well - today had it's goods and bads. First the bad. The wall color in the kitchen was a big bust. Rich hates it. I wasn't nuts about it - but I could have sucked it up... but he proclaimed it 'baby poop awful'. It just didn't look the way on the walls that it did on the chip or in our imaginations. So - tomorrow (it was going to be tonight - but we're too pooped...of the baby variety) we are going to prime the walls again and, having made an emergency trip to Sherwin Williams (it was THAT bad...Rich branched out from Lowe's paint) to buy a paint chart book, we are going to re-paint. Which means another delay in cabinets. But - like Rich says, we've put way to much work into the kitchen for it to come out looking like ass. Or something that comes from one.

It all started off very well. The walls primed nicely - and when we saw them with fresh eyes this morning it was really kind of cool to see a whole room that we had 'made' from scratch. My mother was convinced we had taken leave of our senses using the industrial paint sprayer to do this room - but we still wanted to give it a shot. I had used one years ago quite a lot... but Rich had never seen one in action. And he was very keen to see what it was good for... and what it wasn't good for. And since this room was COMPLETELY raw... no molding... no fixtures... no linoleum...no cabinets - it made perfect sense. And we have had the thing for months and haven't used it yet. So - we got garbage bags and very carefully masked of our precious new windows EXTREMELY well...


and we pushed the new fridge and stove into the corridor leading to the bedroom and put a tarp up to protect everything. And I masked off the bathroom (nearly sealing myself inside like a foolhardy tomb-builder). Then we read the sprayer instructions... flushed it out with water... carried it upstairs and got to work.


Very rapidly - considering that we were in a completely enclosed small room - I determined that we should take a brief commercial break and put on some additional gear: Because in about four seconds the room had become a vast swirling chasm of 'fawn' spray.



So - the paint sprayer is completely awesome. It does a very nice even coat (once Rich figured out that you need the nozzle on 'spray' not 'prime'. Prime shoots out a thick stream of paint which goops up your wall like an elephant blew it's nose). It gets in weird corners and edges beautifully... and it's FAST. And - as long as you don't care if everything in the room ends up painted - the lightbulbs... the floor... yourself - It's dandy. Really it's going to be invaluable for painting large pieces of scenery - and particularly base-coating weird shaped scenic pieces - which is just a 'no-way-out-of-doing-it' mindless time consuming job that can drive you crazy. So - paint sprayer worth the money.

Paint INSIDE the paint sprayer: not so much. Rich really, really hated the color. And I felt awful about it - because, as I mentioned in a previous blog - the system by which we choose colors is that I'M the one that chooses the initial options, and then he picks from those. But he kept saying that he THOUGHT it was going to be really nice too... and it wasn't my fault... and it just didn't work out. But i was pretty bummed - AND I was bummed that we were going to lose more time before cabinets could go it. But he was right - if we didn't love it - after all the work - it's worth putting in an extra day.

I think part of the negative, admittedly, was from the initial impact. With the garbage bags blocking out all the light - and the only lightbulb having received a generous amount of brown spray... it's first impression did it no favors with the pack leader... But I definitely have to say, when you look at this photo, it actually is much more unpleasant than this picture indicates.


The other problem with the paint that we hadn't really factored in was that it was semi-gloss. We got the kitchen grade paint the said was what most people used at Lowes - which was a semi-gloss. But what we didn't think about was that the semi gloss will catch light and highlight EVERY minor flaw in the walls. And as many, many, many hours as we've put into this room joint compounding etc... there are STILL (we have now learned) flaws. After all - it's only our first attempt at doing this shit, really. And the skim coating that seemed perfectly smooth with the flat primer on it... and all the screws that seemed to be perfectly covered with joint compound... were a LOT more imperfect than we had thought. Because the light streams in - catches the semi-gloss - and it shines like the Chrysler building.


In a bad way. And ANOTHER super weird thing. We have gone over those screws multiple times to make sure they were concealed and smoothed with joint compound. I mean - we CHECKED them. Both of us. After the baby poop was on the walls... MOST of them were sunken and totally visable. So - I have to try and read up on this - but the only thing I can figure is that because joint compound does shrink - was once the primer went on it - because the primer is a wet substance - and maybe the joint compound wasn't as dry as it seemed - maybe the wet of the primer kind of shrunk the compound and it sucked into the screw holes some. I know that sounds convoluted - but it was BIZARRE.

So. Now that we determined we are repriming the walls. I ran joint compound over all the divots that were catching the light - and when we reprime tomorrow we'll let that dry, and then hold a light up to the side of the wall (so the light falls at an angle and casts long shadows) and see if the screws are still hidden. And if they aren't - I'll apply another new round of compound before the final color goes up. But hopefully - this time we'll have it fixed.

That said - considering that the semi-gloss REALLY was showing every flaw (it was like spandex on cellulite) we really didn't do a bad job for our first full room makeover. But I'm glad we're taking the time to fix the problem areas - because otherwise we'll be staring at them every time we make meatloaf swearing under our breath.

And we're using a satin finish this time.

So - that's the crappiness of the day. But some good things happened too. We rented the storefront. Yay. The people that do nails at WalMart apparently needed a place to do facials. And they won't let them do facials at WalMart (why??) Anyway - a woman with a VERY pronounced Asian accent called Rich and said she had seen the ad - and she had been by to look in the window - and she wanted to come see it. She asked what we were asking for it. Rich told her. Then she said "But how much for ME". Rich wasn't quite sure how to respond... he didn't realize the 'WalMart nail lady' carried major celebrity status and discount perks. Then she said that she would only need it a few days a week... how much for that? Rich explained it would be the same. Unless she wanted to set up some kind of Facial Time-Share with another company - but that seemed unlikely, no? Anyway - she wanted to see it. Well - apparently she was adorable. And Rich really liked her. And having it rented is better than not, right? Or better than having it rented to a drug-paraphanalia operation - which was our last offer. So he offered her a very good rate - and she's paying the first five months up front. And after five months we agreed to re-negotiate the lease. But - it's some money coming in to offset our expenses - and the building starts to pay for itself. And having a fun Asian woman to add to our cast of eccentric blog recurring characters will no doubt be a boon.

Heck - maybe she can sing, too. Cuz if there's one thing you can always use - it's a kick ass singing Asian woman. Heck - Mrs. Meers, Bloody Mary, Lady Thiang... Kim in "Miss Saigon 2: Musta Missed". We can keep her busy for years.


Good news too. I got a response back from Sweet-whater Sound (google protected)- the major recording studio in Fort Wayne that produces tons of radio spots etc. Here's what he said: "Thank you so much for sending the voice demo. The description you give on the cover is exactly right...fun, energetic and upbeat! And wow, the dialect track is incredible. What are your rates for :30's and :60's? Also, I checked out your website and was very impressed. How much experience do you have in graphic layout and design for CD artwork?"

So - now we have to figure out how the heck I answer those two questions. Sure I can whip up an album cover if they want to pay me - so I'll try and answer that in as positive a way as I can (without my usual 'I'm not good enough at this for someone to hire me" filter that gets in my way)... as far as the 30 second/60 second spot rates... I have emergency emails out to my V.O. buddies asking them what they think is a decent quote for Indiana. Since i want to WORK but I don't want to make myself so cheap that I shoot myself in the foot. Or tongue.

The GREAT thing is they LIKE me...they really like me. So hopefully that will lead to some work - doing something I love and that I actually DO think I'm half decent at. I also signed with that agent in Columbus, Ohio that cover the Tri-state area - and they agreed to the clause letting me seek Indianapolis representation. So all in all... it's a week that's been good for potential Jo Jo voice employment. Jean Anne also gave me a demo she had of a guy who comes into Nick's to eat every so often. She said he was a voice over guy - and I wasn't sure what to expect - but he's AMAZING. He's one of the top bookers on Voice 123.com - one of the online v.o. sites. So hopefully, the next time he's there, she's going to call me and I'll zip over and try and introduce myself and pick his brain for local places I should send my stuff. Fingers crossed. Perhaps a pie bribe is called for. :)

Anyway - tomorrow. Prime again. Paint again. It's like being stuck on the Carousel of Progress at Disneyland. Without the progress.

xo jojo.