Prime Time. Oct 2, 07

So - I have nothing at all of much excitement to report.BUT the kitchen is primed - and looking very nice, I might add. The electrician came this morning and it's now wired up and ready for blenders, toasters, microwaves and all that fun stuff. All we need now is a cabinet installed to sit them on. They were in there a couple hours, which left us unable to do too much... but after they departed we cleaned the place up (from us...not from them) and hauled the giant vat o' primer upstairs. It only took about an hour working in tandem... and the room is now ready to paint. All the joint compound smoothed the walls very nicely... there is only one area that we aren't happy with - and we've learned the lesson. The problem isn't the compound itself - it's the variation in thickness in the darn sheetrock. The tape lines are concealed - it's the change in level along this one wall we just couldn't mask. So - listen up kids, and learn from our mistakes. The factory edge of the drywall is a DIFFERENT thickness than the middle of the sheet. So if you line two factory edges up with each other you can get a really nice smooth transition... but if you butt a trim piece off against a factory edge... you're in trouble. It's a another good reason why the pros start at the top of the wall and work there way down. That way they can always get factory edge against factory edge. The OTHER reason which I've now figured out (and will utilize when Shit Boxing) is that you start at the top because then you can butt the piece up right against the ceiling - and then you don't have hardly any joint compound edge blending to do. Just the fine line where the two meet. If you work bottom up, you have to cut a piece to fit - and it probably won't be a perfectly tight fit along that top edge. See - at the bottom you can have the little gap because the MOLDING covers it. Ahhhhhhhh. See - learn something new everyday... thanks to my total incompetence. I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make for you education.

Rich and I decided - now that we have chosen kitchen linoleum, that the original paint color we were going to use (a grey blue color) was just not really gonna look to great anymore. So we took the opportunity to make a final visit to the land of the unlimited pasta bowl before it fades back into the mist. Like Brigadoon, but more carbs. While we were there I happened to text young Brent to say howdy since we hadn't seen him recently - and the last candy apple he sold me at the Part Store was actually not up to his usual superb standard of goo-covered-fruit excellence. He texted back that he was at the Olive Garden with his buddy Pat. No way... WE were at the Olive Garden. Which goes to show you that even if you're young, wild n' crazy teenagers... or two exhausted paint covered geezers - there ain't that many places to get a good bowl of unlimited pasta.

The paint color we picked out PRIOR to our marinara madnesss was a very pleasant fawn brown. Brent asked us what color we picked and I said 'fawn'. He said 'fawn'? I said 'fawn'... Like Bambi?' I forgot that I'm not in Hell's Kitchen anymore. Brown. We're painting it brown. :) And it's a nice brown at that.

The system by which we pick out paint colors is truly bizarre. I'm supposed to NARROW the choices. So I sit there for seven hours while he usually salivates around the clearance aisles, and I pick out like six colors and then Rich picks from those four. Unless I fail miserably and then we start again. I believe this system has come into play because it prevents Rich from wanting to drive away and leave me at the paint counter because of my inability to make a decision. See I have no problem picking OPTIONS - but making the final decision gives me hives. But also, since I'm the one picking out the initial narrow-down grouping, if it turns out we put it on the walls and it's awful... I have no one to blame but myself :) And then I can't blame Rich. Genius, really. He didn't get to be pack leader by accident folks.

Rich is very keen to try out the paint sprayer... and since that room is pretty much a blank slate - with no need to protect anything except the new windows (no floor... no fixtures... nothing really) - we're gonna get him rigged up and he's going to do his best not to turn me and Po fawn. Although maybe Po could be Bambi for Halloween. We were SUPPOSED to do the spraying tonight - but Rich's motivation was conquered by that pesky demon known as Fettuccini Alfredo. So - tomorrow the plan is spray in the morning and lug some cabinets up in the afternoon. I'm pretty psyched.

See - I told you - not that thrilling. But at least you're up to date.