The Joint (compound) is Jumpin'. Oct 1, 07

So - today, I hate to tell you, was more of the same. Finishing, finishing, finishing work on the whole kitchen area.We tried tackling the pesky ceiling issue over the bathtub area - and really annoyingly, right in middle of Rich doing fancy things with stud brackets and stuff... he realized there just wasn't anything sturdy to attach the joists TO. So back to plan b. Which I actually think was originally plan a. Who knows. So we are going to try and take the hydraulic cement stuff that Janice and I used to great effect (and only partial completion - but who's counting) in my office. So we'll patch the concrete cracks with that and see how it looks and if we think it's sturdy enough. Because showering with water... good thing. Showering with large patches of concrete... priceless (hospital bill that is). But - since we couldn't solve the problem today... and the new solution was opening a whole can of worms...or rather a whole can of cement - it's gonna wait until the kitchen is in. Because we were only working on that because the electrician is coming in the morning... and if the ceiling itself was altering, we should have that in place for him. But, yes, that means tomorrow the electric will be done in the bathroom and kitchen. Nifty.

Anyhoo - focus shifted back all day to the kitchen.

The first round of joint compound worked out pretty well on all the new bull-nose corner pieces. Because it took so much joint compound, some of the areas had cracked. BUT joint compound DOES shrink - which is one of the reasons they tell you not to worry about being too perfect on the first pass - because it's going to look different once it dries no matter how perfect you get the initial covering. So after Rich sanded I basically spent the entire compounding over and over until all the tape was hidden... all the bumps were gone... and all my sanity was lost forever. But - it looks really pretty darn good. Especially for two yahoos.

We worked right through the day until seven - including Rich doing a big kitchen clean up in anticipation of the approaching primer needs. And then we called it a night. Stuff still needed to dry really well - and if you try and sand too soon it just clots your sand paper and does more harm than good.

So tomorrow morning - no doubt about it - paint is going on the walls.

So the blog is 100 today. This is the hundredth (or 101st - i can't quite tell) entry. Let's say THIS is 100 just so we don't miss out on the emotional moment and my Phylicia Rashad style thank you speech.

Anyway - it's kind of crazy how many of actually read this thing. And it's even crazier that you tell your friends... quite a few of whom haven't even met us, but seem to enjoy our foibles in web format. So - thank you for all your comments, all your love, all your support and all your money. Wait, you didn't know that you're get the blog through easy automatic monthly direct debit payments of sixty-nine ninety five? Don't worry - you get a free stud-spacer or praying mantis with every 1000th blog. :) :)

And believe it or not... it won't be too long before we're actually renovating the theatre part of the building. How bout that. And you were at the point where you thought Countdown to Curtain Up referred to the SHOWER curtain :)

But seriously - I know for a lot of our friends this thing has enabled you to feel like part of the project. For some it has even lured you here with the siren's call of mastic and dri-lok. But from our point of view, you reading this, and commenting, and laughing with us along the way has made us not feel quite so alone in this vast mid-western world where the two of us will probably always feel a little like square pegs. At least, until Screech arrives for his first rehearsal as Jean Valjean. So thanks.

Love. jo jo.