Our healthy bitch delays our kitch :) Sept 29

Sorry that I didn't blog yesterday - but we have been kicking our pie-padded keysters trying to get as much done this weekend as possible.I'll catch you up:

Like I said earlier - it's tough right now to show you anything really fun in pictures... because frankly IT'S STOPPED BEING FUN. We're at the point where you joint compound... and then wait...and then sand. And then do it all again. I feel like I'm in Groundhog Day except Po is a better actress than Andie McDowell. Ok - the JOINT COMPOUND is a better actress than Andie McDowell. We finally have the bathroom almost totally ready for painting. Rich is gonna attack the ceiling in the morning and we have made MAJOR progress in the kitchen. I'm really bummed that the cabinets aren't going to make it in there tomorrow as hoped. BUT we definitely will have paint on the walls by the evening. Which means we're really only about a day behind.

Frankly a good chunk of that time was spent taking Po back and forth to the Hosp-Po-tal. As I told ya before, she was supposed to go on Friday (which seemed like it had taken FOREVER to arrive) but when we got there the vet had been in a minor car accident and couldn't make it in. So we had to come back Saturday morning. And a trip to Fort Wayne, no matter how you cut it, takes a big chunk out of the day. Of course, spending the time to make sure the old girl is ok was more than worth it. We still haven't heard the FINAL word from the vet... but Rich and I are both sure everything is ok. The vet was very, very confident that her little bump was a 'fatty lump'. Frankly I think Po is a little bummed that she can't pull this medical scare out another couple days... because she was living the high life getting more treats, attention, and getting away all kinds of crap. Anyway - although it's a pretty anticlimactic story - that's the best kind in those situations, right? Perhaps MORE climactic would have been the scene which would have ensued had Rich allowed me to buy the Glinda the Good witch costume for Po at PetSmart...hence dictating this Halloween that I greet Trick or Treaters dressed as the Wicked Witch.

Rich used the pack leader veto. Foiled again. Anyway - Po already has a wicked-fancy Halloween costume thanks to Aunt Cheryl. Just you wait.

Through all of this Winston has been text messaging with loving fervor. He's been through enough this past week... Po's health is one more straw he will not tolerate breaking. I wanted the vet to call back even more for HIM than for us. The vet clearly doesn't realize, Po's God Mother is NOT one to be trifled with. .01% be damned.

Perhaps the most eventful moment of the day was the Cheesecake Quorum. At lunch, (after we returned from the vet) Rich, Jean Anne and I, had an in-dept discussion as to the well-being of Natalie's yet-to-be-collected cheesecake. She hadn't come to get it for two days... and we knew she had an open house on Monday. And, since we all love Natalie, it was felt that - should she not appear by 2:00pm - it was only in her best interest that we elmiminate any future threat of food poisoning. At 2pm we made the supreme sacrifice. We trotted over to Jean Anne's at, like, 2:04 where Jean Anne greeted us with "I was gonna call you if you didn't show in another five minutes" :) Three forks appeared on the instant and we huddled around it like Dickensian urchins warming themselves around a coal. The cutest part of it all was Jean Anne having as much admiration for the cheesecake as for the PACKAGING that it came in. See their to-go box actually has a special little side compartment for the whipped cream and she thought that was pretty neat.


However - we did feel really bad that Natalie wasn't there to enjoy her cheesecake... so... I had an idea:

SAY CHEESE (CAKE) nat-cheese.JPG

We tried and tried to get her to have some...but she just smiled at us. That Natalie - such will power. You rock that Nutri System girlfriend :)

So after our cheesy dessert tea-time, it was back to work. (I do miss tea-time...those English are so good at inventing well-scheduled pastry consumption). Perhaps when we have the coffee shop up and running we'll be able to coerce Jean Anne to pop by after she shuts up shop and Natalie can nip out of her office for a nice cuppa and a scone. Of course we won't have scones... but we can call a cupcake a scone and I'll give it to them in a whimsical Mrs. Potts Angela Lansbury accent. Of course, we'll have to invite Paula over to 'play Mother' and pour. I think NOT inviting Paula to tea could constitute as a MAJOR faux pax.

OKAY - sorry - MAJOR blog interruption. We seem to have THESE roaming the building.


This one just plopped down from the top of the wall, down behind my computer, whereupon I waited ten minutes for it to emerge so I could spray Raid at IT and not my macintosh. This is the second one of these I have seen.


I can deal with going from being one of a billion in the same demographic to being a blip in an ocean of breeders. I can deal with trading in my daily attire of Banana Republic for WalMart. I can deal with not seeing Liza Minelli in concert with my best friends last weekend.

I CANNOT DEAL WITH THESE THINGS... What the FREAKIN' HECK DO I DO. My people do NOT deal well with creatures with this many legs. The only thing I want to see in my building with that many limbs moving at once is the freakin' future cast of 42nd street.

It's a genetic trade off. Good taste in soft furnishings. No bugs. I'm comfortable with this arrangement... someone tell the BUG.

BTW that reminds me of a story I forgot to tell you yesterday. Remember when I said Rich and I went to the Shit Box to measure for the carpet and linoleum. Okay - so we're measuring and whatever... and then Rich says to me - and I am NOT making this up:

"Do you want to go up in the attic for me in case there are bats".

Now there is no way - and I have tried - that you can come up with a line reading for this statement that is not completely insane. The part of the statement that completely defies description is the "would you like" part of it.... "yes... yes I would.... in fact I thought you'd never ask".

Well - I did. You see - Rich has a thing for bats. He has issues. I am very upset that he did not turn his childhood bat trauma into something positive, like young Bruce Wayne. I asked Rich why he hadn't chanelled his issues into something positive like: fighting crime, wearing nifty costumes, and conquering his trauma by working out like Christian Bale did:



There were no bats. If there had been there would probably be no blog. Because I would already be half-way to Bermuda. I would swim. Of course I have no sense of direction... so I would be halfway towards something I thought was Bermuda. Probably Denver.


Rich got to work building the drywall 'plugs' that were going to go between the windows. This wall was plastered and it just seemed to much of a risk to try and skim coat it or anything... So he built (very spiffy) two by four box to screw to the wall - and then drywall. He even ripped the 2x4 down so that it would run nicely in line with the sill.


Now I learned something new today from the pack leader.

RIPPING a board means running along the length of it. CHOPPING a board means cutting it the short way (against the grain).

Apparently RIPPING is very hard on a saw blade. This came up in conversation because Rich needs to get the blade on Bob's table saw sharpened after ripping. I had NO IDEA that you could get those things sharpened. I thought they got dull and you had to get a new one. Apparently the one on Bob's table is like 20 years old. That's older than any member of the Var-City Singers. Although the Var-City Singers are NEITHER ever dull nor sharp :) BTW apparently Dan and Winston are now trying to plan their itinerary around the Var-City big concert. Who'd have thought.

So - while Rich worked at that I continued to sand and smooth, sand and smooth. I did manage to get a first-run at Rich's fancy ceilng box which is already coming out very nicely indeed.


This window box thing was quite the endeavor and took Rich a lot longer than he had anticipated. And, although we worked really hard and really late... it was clear that a lot of time had been lost over Friday and this morning... so we were gonna have to face the music. Monday was not going to be cabinet day :( And I have this thing with deadlines. I function much better with them... and for some reason just because Rich said he thought we could have cabinets by Monday... my brain kind of decided that needed to happen. So I was getting bummed...and Rich, for once, had to tell ME to stop for the night because we had done as much as we should. We were actually going to try working in a shift (since the joint compound has to dry for a couple hours)... he was going to put up some more drywall... and I would sleep for a few hours and then put compound on the newly hung sheetrock. But he prodded me and said that he had to stop because he was starting to make mistakes. And mistakes with power tools can be... not good.

The other thing about this stage of the project is that, because it's finish work, each time you do something...unless you stare at it like only six inches away - it looks like you've made no progress at all. It feels like treading water... and it can drive you a little ookey. But his new window piece helped... and even though we didn't get the last big wall up today - we should on Sunday - and that should finally make the kitchen look like a finished room.

An ALMOST finished room. I can almost taste it people... I can't cook it... but I can almost taste it.

With all the joint compound on her nose... I know someone who can ALREADY taste it: