Finishing the Flat. (or at least part of it). Sept 29, 07

Well, first things first...we now have a full-on blog mutual admiration society between David and Jean Anne. Now that Jean Anne reads the blog, and now that she knows that she is David's favorite character, and David KNOWS that she is reading the blog... Well, I think Jean Anne is pretty excited to be widening her gay fan base into the New York market. Give David a few months - he'll have her booked at the Palace, playing Radio City, and as a guest on Iron Chef. It's pretty spectacular, really, that the Queen of Pork and the King of Turkeyville have managed to put their white-meat-based differences aside and connect. Frankly I think we could turn them into quite the team. I'm planning a whole season starring Jean Anne and David... their first production, will of course, be 'Love Letters'. Then I think a re-working of Shakespeare into Turkey-o and Pork-iet. I couldn't be more excited. :)

Speaking of David and Adam's Turkeyville - I highly, HIGHLY reccommend you visit their website: simply to experience what might be the most spectacular jingle I have ever heard. This jingle is so long it practically qualifies as an Oratorio. The audience at Les Mis is out fifteen minutes before this jingle finishes.

Anyway - today. Well - today the wiener was supposed to go to the vet. I haven't blogged about this because a) I'm wigging out and b) Winston is going to probably book a private jet to get here when I share this... But we found a lump on Po's chest. It's probably nothing - and everyone says it's probably going to be a harmless cyst. But I am kind of wigging out. Ever since we found it she's pretty much had free reign... Like a Jewish Mother, every time we say no to her, she looks at us like "Well... if anything ever happens to me, I hope you remember THIS moment and you're HAPPY". So she's been getting more busy-bones and twizzlers than she knows what to do with. Well - I'M a half jewish mother kind of - so - we worry - we feed.

I couldn't sleep last night cuz I was worried about her vet visit - so at 1:00 am I was in the kitchen-to-be slapping joint compound around. At least I was able to do something productive. I worked for a couple hours and actually got a whole pile of the third round of compound... um... compounded.

Anyway - today was supposed to be all about taking the dog to the vet, with plenty of time scheduled for me to have a complete nervous breakdown. BUT we got to the vet in Fort Wayne and apparently we had missed a call from them an hour earlier. The vet had been in a minor car crash during her lunch break and couldn't get back in. The vet is fine... but I'm a basket case for another day :(. So we have to go back tomorrow at 10. Hopefully I'll sleep. I was kind of wiped out so I grabbed a nap after we got back. During which time, Rich met with the minister of the church who wanted to see the space. I said to him after... "Maybe it was better for you just meet with them... rather than the two of us." Rich said "You think I was born yesterday". Probably our chances of them wanting to rent from us are increased exponentially if they don't get the complete picture of our festiveness before signing. Rich was really clear that every penny they pay in rent will go right back into the renovation - which I think was a really smart thing to say. Those Rich's... y'gotta order yourselves one folks.

Before all that we went back to the carpet/linoleum "EVERYTHING MUST GOOOO" sale. We swung by L' Maison d' Merde beforehand and double checked measurements. Then we scoured the place for appropriate sized remnants that suited our needs. AND the remnants came with free padding. The choices were limited - (cuz they are remnants - and we needed weird sizes like 15x15) but we did really well. We managed to find carpet that was really nice...and dark enough that it wasn't insane to install in a rental unit. Of course it requires some patience on Rich's part because he's carrying his diagrams of measurements and I say things like:

"I like this... it's squishy". "We don't need squishy... we need 15 x 12 and 1/2". "Can we get 15 x 12 and 1/2 AND squishy?' "I'm going to squish YOU".

So in addition to the linoleum we picked out before for our kitchen, we also got linoleum for the the Shit Box kitchen, the Shit Box living room, The Shit Box bedroom, linoleum for the Shit Box bathroom and stuff for the Shit Box's Stairs of Terror (no really - they ain't pretty right now). So we saved a bundle. And loaded most of it in the truck (some we've got to go back for once they've cut it) and trundled our way back home. Rich has gotten so adept at strapping giant weirdly shaped things to the truck that I think he could probably strap Shamu on there. If he found Shamu on clearance.

BUT IT WAS ON SALE! normal_att11.jpg

Tonight we actually got a lot of stuff done. Unfortunately we're at the point where photographs don't really do things much justice. A picture for you showing kitchen skim coat layer one vs. layer two... we'll it ain't gonna make Life Magazine's pictures of the year. But we have a list of about nine projects before the kitchen can get painted...hopefully sunday. I've got almost all the final joint compound and skim-coating done in the bathroom. In the morning it needs a final sand... and then we have to tackle the ceiling over the shower area - and then it's TIME TO TILE. In the kitchen we have to drywall one wall and the areas around the windows... I need a second skim coat on the existing old wall... AND i have to joint compound the pack leader's awesome ceiling handiwork.

The removal of the original Jesus Room wall left a big ugly gap running all the way along the ceiling - and it looked like it was going to be a bear to fill in any way that was vaguely smooth and attractive. But Rich tackled it tonight - and did a fantastic job with the whole thing...

WALL INTO THE GAP cieling-plug.JPG



It's gonna look really nice.

So - lots and lots to do tomorrow - but the nice thing is it's all stuff we've done already in other parts of the room... or second coats of things. Sort of like lather rinse repeat... lather rinse repeat. And, by the end of the day - there might EVEN be some primer on a brush. No way. Way. Today was Huntington Homecoming. In a shocking outcome I was not voted Homecoming Queen. Rigged, I tell you, RIGGED.

So that's it.... sorry I'm not quite hitting my usual goofy standards. I have weiny worry. :(

Till manana JO JO.