Garmin Gettit!

Ok - so product placement number two. It's alarmin' and disarmin' just how much we love our Garmin. pic0011.jpg

I cannot, cannot, cannot say how much we love this thing. We got a GPS simply because I have NOOOOO sense of direction at all. I get lost at home in Bermuda and it's only 20 miles long by 1 mile wide. I don't go to the village because I'll never be seen again. I get lost. So - once I get my license and I have to go out in the big bad Hoosier-ness by myself... I wanted some sense of security. Also I didn't want to constantly be veering all over the interstate like Mr. Magoo because I missed my exit. So the Garmin was for me.

But we started testing it out while Rich and Janice were driving from Ohio to Indiana etc... and it's amazing. It's soooo freakin' fast - it charts your way practically every inch and the minute you veer off the route it starts recalculating and changes it's directions.

But the BEST THING is this. It has hundreds of stores and locations already programmed in... So for us, new to the entire area... no idea where anything is... it's UNBELIEVABLE. Rich is crazy about it. It speaks to us in a female voice so he named it Carmen the Garmin. So anyway - Carmen has told us how to find the nearest Home Depot, Lowes, Olive Garden, Carpet Liquidator, Sherwin Williams, Big Lots... and when there is more than one it gives you the options of how far and which direction each of the choices are. Of course you can also type in an address of a house or a store it doesn't know... but for people who have no idea of the lay of the land - and don't know where to find a grocery store or a Mexican Restaurant or ANYTHING - it's been worth it's weight in gold. So - if you ever move somewhere you don't know like the back of your hand.... GET ONE

Now I WILL say that the Tom Tom (another GPS) doesn't have as many locations pre-programmed but it DOES have a choice of celebrity voices giving you driving instructions to choose from. Including Mr. T. And, having your GPS say "I pity the fool that don't turn right on Main Street" has got to be worth a couple bucks.