Day Two. Darn, we didn't die in our sleep.

Now before our we hit the hay at the end of day one Rich realized that he had a voice mail message.The manager of the dealership (the guy above the guy above the guy that was ruining our lives) called and said "he thought he had a way to make us happy". We were hoping he did not mean the end to an unorthodox massage.

Rich called in the morning and spoke to the manager. Apparently he had overheard the entire exchange with the store-manager and the salesman and had not wanted to interrupt because he didn't have all the facts. But he then called them in and asked them about it. And informed them that we were right. They had quoted us a price and not put any disclaimers or caveats within that email so the price should be what we were offered without any restrictions - and they would have to make it work.

it was very nice. NOW... I am NOT saying that we think he heard Janice say that she was going to call GM and report them... and I'm NOT saying that GM told Janice (who did NOT give GM the name of the dealer yet because she wanted to wait until we decided not to take the truck) that a dealer was in no way allowed to use an employee discount for a non-employee/relative customer... and we're not saying that the manager realized that maybe they could have lost their dealership if they were reported for doing this and it turned out to be a common practice. Certainly the manager had no alterior motive for doing the right thing making us happy and making us go away as quickly as they possibly could.


When we showed up to talk to them (with enormous hesitation) you have never seen so many giant burly men be so soft spoken and apologetic to two gay guys and a five foot five female. They kept saying "we were wrong" like twelve times. Janice even tried to say she was sorry for raising her voice and they said "no, no there's no need to apologize, we were at fault." It was like an episode of Car Dealership Twilight Zone. It was kind of like the scene in Pretty Woman when Richard Gere tells them to suck up to Julia Roberts.

So. Truck. Ours. Yay. And it prevented me from using the theare's twenty foot marquee to spell out "Zike Zanderson Zucks the Big One".

We had enough letters... I checked.

Day Two was looking better. We got supplies - hit Home Depot and Lowe's for like the seventh time already... Rich started planning out the kitchen area and sorting through all the junk in our new office space - which will now be attached to the apartment through the new kitchen... and Janice and I started on THE WALL (more later). Later in the day Rich and his Mom, now a day behind on the master plan because of the truck debacle, set off back to Ohio to get the trailer. We decided that since I can't really do major heavy lifting, my time would be best spent in the apartment painting. We hadn't originally planned on having to paint the apartment - but now we had to - and it was pointless to load in all our furniture BEFORE that was done. Also - the weiner had been through enough confusion and we didn't want to take her BACK to Ohio when she was just figuring out Indiana. So I stayed in the BIG DARK SCARY THEATRE BY MYSELF (ok - even RICH doesn't like going into the auditorium area at night by himself... it's dark and creepy kids and you're allll alone) - and I got primer and two coats on the bedroom and living room. BUT we forget to get a BRUSH at Home Depot so I had to leave the corners etc... darn. But I got the whole apartment done... except THE WALL.