Watch out Liza... it's David Guest (Blogger) Aug 27, 07

And now, without further ado... I am delighted to present to you David's version of this weekend's adventures.Please welcome GUEST BLOGGER... David Shane and YOUR very own Fifteen Minutes of Shane.

Sorry it's taken me a couple days to do this...I really wanted to write it as soon as we got back on Monday night, but as soon as that opportunity passed, I've been busy with other random shit. I want to be witty, I want to be funny. I don't know if I'll live up to your standards....but, here goes:

First, let me say "hello" to all of you avid blog readers! I myself have been such a huge fan of this blog that it's strange to see my name appear in its contents. So many 'blog-worthy' things happened during my visit that it's hard to decide where to start. So, I offer you some random thoughts and stories from my visit to a land far FAR away....(Huntington, IN)

Allright, Huntington is NOT that far from where I am now. Adam and I are working near Battle Creek, MI - about two hours from Joel and Rich. Joel writes: "It is a dinner theatre which serves turkey dinners to it’s primarily elderly audience so most of them are asleep from the tryptophan before the overture ends." Joel is right. Here at Turkeyville, we DO give the elderly patrons a good deal of tryptophan. Then we turn down the lights and act suprised when they snore through "Hard Candy Christmas". I just think it's cute that he assumes a place like this even BOTHERS to have an overture!


Now, Turkeyville is in the middle of nowhere, so from where do the elderly patrons come? BUS TOURS!

This leads me to my first exciting Huntington moment...I met Jean Anne! Jean Anne has been my favorite character on the blog for quite a while now. (Yes, I realize these are true stories, and that she's not a character, so to speak. Let's just say that in my mind, she is winning the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Blog and I'm hoping to be nominated for Outstanding Guest Star!) So, we had breakfast at Nick's. It was DELICIOUS! The only thing better than the food was the company. We got to sit and talk to Jean Anne throughout our entire meal. And what did we discuss? BUS TOURS! She's helping Joel and Rich get the theatre included as a major stop on these tours. In her words: "There are these bus tours that come through Huntington, and they are lame!" You've read the've seen her picture. The woman called something lame. I'm obsessed with her. Breakfast was a highlight for sure! Speaking of great characters...we met Natalie as well. She is a shark! Her office below the boys' apartment is a hotbed of Huntington power!

Let's talk about the building itself. I know you've read this already. I know Joel has said it. I think Winston has given his two cents. Let me just say it AGAIN...the theatre is HUGE! I tried to prepare myself, but when I walked into that auditorium, I really couldn't belive my eyes. It's just...well, big. It's big.

On the subject of Pioneer Festival:

Joel has told you about the Sheep Woman and her 5 positions of shearing. I belive he mentioned that she 'disarms' the leg that the sheep would use to stand up, so that she can remain in control. What he didn't tell you (most likely because he didn't know) is that Rich and Adam spent a long time trying to figure out which leg Po uses to get up and what position they could put her in to render her useless!

Speaking of Po:

I am in NO way responsible for "Pigeon Hunter Po"! That is the work or my "bachelor roomate" Adam and his Dog Whispering ways!

The wisdom of Rich:

He seemed to think it might be difficult to contain Joel's "happiness" during our visit. I can't think WHAT he was talking about! I mean, the only time we ventured out in public without Rich, nothing eventful happened at all. It's not like Joel put on a display-decoration witch's hat and recited the lyrics to "Defying Gravity" in a coffee shop. (If I hadn't been busy buying $18 worth of candy, two frapaccinos and a chai I would have led a "snapping ovation". You shop - poetry - snapping.....uh, moving on...


Now, this visit was not all fun and games. Remember how in the beginning of this blog Joel seemed helpless and lost as he tried out each new task? Well, he did a wonderful job of teaching us how to do his old jobs as he graduated on to the Big Boy work. I don't know what happened to me. One minute I'm getting a tour of the theatre, the next minute I see that two days has passed, the bathroom is 'jointly compounded' and I have pefectly plastered molds of each hand!


Well, I feel that is quite enough from me. If all goes well, I will be making another guest appearence before my time here at Turkeyville (Tryptophan city) is up. I leave you with some of the most spoken phrases from my trip back to Michigan with Adam...

"They are crazy, but they are brilliant!" "They're crazy, but brilliant"

"Crazy, but brilliant"