Yippee Kay Yay Mother (-in-law) Trucker. Day one, the end.

NOTE: Since these bloggy things show the most recent post first - and I was behind - the whole story of our first day will now read in reverse chapters... so... since I'm SURE you want to experience all the suspense and page turning...(mouse scrolling?) thrills in ORDER - scroll on down to the 'OVERDUE' post and then work your way back up? :) Go on, you know you want carpel tunnel like the rest of us. Scroll... scroll! So instead of waiting to pick up the truck the next day as scheduled... we decide we need to know asap if we are going to be hornswaggled... so we head to gas city where the dealer is. Please note... although Zike Zanderson is a fictional name for the dealer - GAS CITY is completely real. Go figure.



Janice is NOT happy. And these New Englanders - well - don't get them fiesty. I'm an emotional wreck over the truck already - and as we're driving there Rich and Janice are telling me that they need to know whether or not I'm willing to walk away from the deal... which could mean not only losing our truck but losing our deposit.

I LOVE this truck. It's the exact color we wanted - or I wanted - dark red... and the seats go back (which I have to have because if we're traveling long distances my back can't sit in the passenger seat without reclining because it gets so sore (I had a spinal fusion when I was a kid - and sitting for long periods is hell - sometimes I would lay on the floor underneath the production table when I was assisting and doing nothing but sitting for eight hours a day). The reclining seats mean the truck had to have an extended cab... and the reclining seats, on a pick up, are an added feature - so you have to FIND one that has them... And it had power windows and locks - which a lot of them don't have. And considering that we are moving to a new place...in the midwest... and I don't know how friendly the locals will all be to... two confirmed bachelors... I wanted a way to a) get in the car quickly if I needed to at night and b) a way to get the windows up quickly if some one was trying to stage an outdoor version of the Laramie Project starring ME.

Rich and Janice had worked REALLY REALLY hard to find this truck. Finding another one - immediately - would not be easy. Or possible. But I also didn't want to say "I have to have this toy" just because I loved it - when our budget wasn't going to easily absorb $1,500 we hadn't planned on. We had a chunk of our savings dedicated to the truck, my parents had given us the gift of some money for the truck (thanks guys xoxoxo) and Janice was letting us use those GM dollars. $1,500 when we were facing AT LEAST that much in unplanned apartment renovations was a lot. I didn't know what to say... Maybe we couldn't get the truck we wanted... maybe I'd just have to drive around in a neon orange pickup because that's what we could find at short notice that was in our price range.

Rich and Janice went into the dealer. I said I couldn't go in. A) I knew it was going to get ugly and I wasn't up to it. B) I was just going to cry. So I sat in the car and I cried.



After half an hour they come back. There are no keys in their hand. They do not look happy. The Gas City "You just Bought a Truck" Serenaders are no where in sight. Even Bob Barker is no longer saying "A newwwww carrrrr". Things did not go well.

Although I was not there I shall give you a few choice highlights. Apparently there was a good deal of heated debate which developed into yelling. The guy said that there was nothing they could do... and it wasn't their fault... and we could blame GM and that was the price the truck was going to be full stop. They asked for the manager. Who said it wasn't their problem and we were getting a good price on the vehicle and it was ONLY ANOTHE FIFTEEN HUNDRED. Apparently there was no way that we could get the car at that price because they would lose money. Keep in mind the GM points cost the dealer nothing. The reality seems to be that they use the Employee discount for everyone in the area because 'This is GM Country and we assume everyone works for them'.... which was a big pile of weiner poop because we told them we didn't. They use the discount (which again comes from the GM profit - not theirs) to get a competitive rate as their quote price without telling people that's where the price comes from... In our email they said 'the INTERNET price was such and such".... never the 'GM Employee price is such and such'... but they didn't care.

The Manager said that hardly made anything off the truck - only three dollars and 'what was he supposed to do about it' - to which Rich apparently replied - "I guess you better sell as many trucks as Starbucks sells coffee". The manager then admitted that they would make $800 on the truck - but they were GOING to make that much - and we could decide whether or not to take the truck or not at that price - but it wasn't going to chance. No negotiation, no flexibility, no GM points. At this point Janice apparenlty VERY LOUDLY said in the middle of the dealership that "He was exactly the kind of person that gave Car Salesman a reputation for being crooks". (NB Everything quoted for Janice must be read aloud in a sort of female Mayor Quimby/Murder She Wrote Townsperson New England accent for full color and effect.)

It all went very well. Rich said it was a very, very good thing I didn't go with them. I didn't have the constitution.

So no truck on day one. They got in the car and as I sniffled in the back seat told me not to worry... we'd find another truck and it would be fine. I was worried. So - all our plans for the last part of the day went poof and we used Carmen the Garmin to find as many Chevy dealers in the vicinity as we could - at 5:00 on Friday... We found one... pulled in... and a poor guy finishing up for the day asks if he can help us. He didn't know what hit him... Janice and Rich pounced on him like car-buying pirhanna whipping out thier pages of paperwork and specs and prices and model numbers... The guy found us some trucks in the area that matched our specifications - that he would be able to have delivered but it would take till Monday... AND he wouldn't be able to reach the managers of the stores to see if the trucks were there and if the dealer would release them to another location. So THAT meant we'd have to decide to give up the truck and take back the deposit without a guarantee of a vehicle. We could arrive at a price with this new dealer - but no certainty of the truck happening. And we'd have to pay a relocation charge - which brought the price up. Now keep in mind that the deal that Zike Zanderson's was giving us (assuming we could HAVE the GM points was NOT a legitimate deal.. since we were NOT GM employees and we could not use the GM points) - so we were now trying to match a truck price that was lower than it, apparently, should have been... but that's what we signed for... that's what we budgeted...and that's what we had.

We sit down at the table with the deer-in-headlights-'I just want to go home on Firday to my wife and children dealer' and he takes out the pen and the little pad to start the passing the figures across the table game. Janice looks at him...tells him the story... and then says I want you to go in there and talk to your manager ONCE - and I want your BEST PRICE... it has been a long day and I am a TIRED WOMAN!."

Their price wasn't good enough. We returned home truckless. We were gonna have to give up the other truck, probably borrow the Blazer, and then Rich would have to start searching all over again for another vehicle. We collapsed in bed, defeated, tired and overwhelmed.

Day one sucked.