Totally trucked up. (day one, part four - god let it be OVER ALREADY).

After the Department of Motor Vexation informed us that we could get the car registered without a license, Rich called the dealer to see if our car might be ready. We were supposed to come in the next morning - but we figured it was late enough in the day that it might be ready for take off. Here we go.

From here on we shall refer to the dealership by a totally fictional name bearing no resemblance to any real dealership. Let's call them Zike Zanderson's Zhevrolet. The salesman informed Rich that they wouldn't be able to take our GM points. Rich's Mom had a GM credit card which (I know nothing about these things) but it accumulates points towards GM vehicles when you buy stuff. So she had accumulated $1,500 worth of points which she was giving to us. Yay Janice. We had budgeted this pick-up reallllly carefully. And this was not just some random car we picked from at the first dealership we went to. This was THE truck we wanted - Rich and Janice had searched for hours online to find it either in Indiana or Ohio.... we drove FOUR hours to get this car, do the deal, and put down a deposit two weeks before.

Now we did make one mistake - GM tells you not to tell the dealer about your GM points until you 'have made your deal and agreed to a price' - becuase if they know that you are going to be getting a discount from GM they won't come down as far on their end of the offer. But right after we had agreed to the price and given them the deposit, TWO MINUTES after we drove out of the lot Rich remembered they hadn't mentioned the GM points and he called the dealer at Zike Zanderson's and told them. And he said it would be NO PROBLEM... but now the DAY BEFORE we are supposed to get the truck he tells us the car is going to cost us $1,500 more - which we really can't spend. AND he didn't call US... Rich called him - it was a fluke we even found out before we arrived on the lot to show up.

Zike Zanderson's dude said that we couldn't use the GM points because in order to give us the price we had been quoted (repeat quoted) they were giving us the 'GM employee discount' which does not allow the use of GM points with it. Now... here's the thing. We did NOT ask for the GM employee discount... we are NOT (in case you hadn't guessed GM employees - in fact I am, in no way, 'like a rock') - and we are not FRIENDS of GM employees. That's how THEY got the price THEY quoted us when Rich emailed them asking the price of the truck that they were advertising online. The email they sent said the INTERNET price was such and such. Not the EMPLOYEE discount price. So they sent us a price - we came in and asked for it. Done.

Apparently not.