Day One - Debacles by the Dozen. Day one, pt 3

So - after signing our lives away and discovering that are 'charming turn of the century apartment' had turned into something that made us seriously consider adopting seventeen blind children and contracting lime disease to lure Ty Pennington to come and fix... we hopped into the in-laws Blazer to go the DMV. Rich needed to get his license switched over from NY to Indiana BECAUSE they had told us at the car dealership that one of us needed to have an Indiana licensee in order to register the vehicle. So - Rich was going to do his switch - which meant we were both gonna take the written test - so that I could get my learners permit while we were there. So we get in line... and we get there... and we get SUPER NICE HAPPY CHEERY HELPFUL LADY. Who...with her super cheery perky fluffy voice tells us that we have to have a proof of address or she can't help us. Well - of course - we JUST arrived in town three hours before so we don't have proof of address. It doesn't matter he has his birth certificate, and passport and all that other stuff... that's not enough. She doesn't care that we just moved here. We ask what proof of address would work - and of course she gives us a list of things you can only GET with a DRIVER'S LICENSE. And Rich is being very calm - and she says we need a bank statement - but Rich is telling her that a bank statement takes a month... we have bank document - because we started receiving some mail already at the theatre - but that's not gonna cut it. We hand her the DEED TO THE BUILDING we just bought in the town... not good enough. And Rich - who does NOT freak out - is freaking out a little bit... because obviously we HAVE to have a car... I mean - there are no buses, no taxis, no E Train (well, let's face it, is there EVER an E train?)... And I think he's gonna cry. Apparently i misinterpreted that expression because he claims it was far more violent. Then the supervisor comes over and also talks us in circles - being super happy fuzzy - but not budging an inch saying they can only do what the paperwork allows them.. And they totally recognize that we are screwed. They keep saying we have sixty days so it doesn't matter - but we were told that we can't register the car without the license.

Finally they tell us that isn't true. We ask them if they could call the dealership to tell them that. They ask where the dealer is - we say Gas City (forty minutes away) and they look at us like we have cooties and say 'well that's too far, I can't help you'.

So we leave. Rich no happy. In fact driving back to the apartment he looked distinctly like the scary cartoon illustrating Road Rage in the DMV manual.

So - we also had to go deal with the Insurance for the building. We had a figure from Natalie which seemed very reasonable. We picked up Janice and she and I waited in the car while Rich ran in to sign the papers - all the stuff had been sorted out before we signed - it just needed to be finalized. We thought. Rich was gone for a while. Then a while longer. The way the day was going I started to worry so I went in. Of course - I don't know a freaking thing about insurance so I wasn't sure what I was gonna DO. So I go through the little maze of wood panelling (there is a lot of wood panelling in Indiana... I believe Hoosier is an Indian word meaning Wood Panelling) and find him. Looking a little more pale. He's gone from DMV eggshell to skim milk. This was the deal... the insurance company had UNDER insured Natalie. They were insuring the building for it's value... NOT the REPLACEMENT value. See - if the building burnt down and we had to build a new theatre - this building would cost like 3 million to build. It doesn't matter that it's not worth that - the material to duplicate it now would cost that. So there's the problem. And the insurance agency doesn't really like that. So after listening to this - Jo Jo - ASTOUNDINGLY a) managed to pay attention and not get A.D.D. during the explanation and b) had an intellignent thought.. which was OF COURSE you can't insure it for that much... and no theatre really can. I mean there's no WAY at this point we can afford the kind of insurance that Northshore had - and they weren't even sure they were going to be able to re-open after their fire. We needed to insure our INVESTMENT - not the ability to replace it. If the buildling burnt down we needed to get back our purchase price - and THEN in the years to come we will get insurance for the contents (which will have more value than the building rapidly considering tech equipment etc) as well as gradually increasing the insurance on the building as the renovations increase in value. But for now - we settled for 225 grand of insurance. Done. The insurance against someone slipping on tile and suing us was unchanged - and frankly that was the stuff I REALLY was worried about... because with that many people coming in and out - and in an old building - well - someone's gonna take a spill one of these days.

Oh - I did forget ONE piece of good news we got that day... the building taxes were half of what we thought they were going to be... so... the new insurance costs kind of balanced out the mistaken tax costs - so we were still on an even playing field. Still penniless - but hey - not ha-penniless.

SO YOU THOUGHT THE DAY WAS OVER.... OHhhhhhhhh nooooo.... hold on to your seats kids... we're about to get ugly.