Catching up. Sept 11, 07

Totally nothing of interest to report. Injured Rich spent all day catching up on a truck load of web-site client work and stuff for Columbia. He was happily closed in his office all day. Po was very intrigued by this new fun location and has sniffed every inch of it several times over. The big news of the day is that we've gotten official word on the Shit Box. We CLOSE ON FRIDAY!!! Yay. That means we'll start the renovations on Satruday. Boo. So we can it ready to rent as soon as possible. Yay. :) Actually it's nothing THAT awful and it will make a nice change from scraping eight hundred miles of paint. Bob and Rich apparently have a roof plan for the weekend - so we'll try and get that done first and then hopefully we can make progress on OUR bathroom and kitchen at the same time as we are making improvements for our future tenants. I think I'm going to need to come up with a classier name than Shit Box pretty soon. I think Maison Merde might stick.

We also spent a good chunk of the day finalizing our proposal that was due to the Bermuda Festival (where Rich and i produced "Unexpected Man" two years ago with Judy Kuhn and Charles Shaughnessy). They asked us to submit a show for their 2009 season, so that got sent out in the afternoon and hopefully they'll like what they see. It's good timing, because by 2009 we might just have a bathroom :)

We caught a very late lunch at 'Richards' (home of the Lawrence Welk evening entertainment referenced by Winston) - and I screwed up my diet by having an apple dumpling the size of my head. I had never encountered these things before coming to Indiana - but my LORD they are good. It's like a mini apple pie - but better - and sweeter and gooier. And we all know how I've developed an affinity for goo.


I've made a little more progress on the logo - hopefully we might actually have the final version in the next day or two... And then, people, Huntington mugs, tee shirts, toilet paper, Joel and Rich dolls with Peeing-Po accessories... there's no end. In the late afternoon I got this rotten headache... and although I remember being incredibly productive, this photograph seems to indicate otherwise.


So - I know this wasn't thrilling - but i didn't want you to think I forgot y'all. Tomorrow - logo logo logo and who knows what else... hopefully the pack leader will be feeling up and at em.

bye fer now. Jo Jo.