"Overdue... WAAAYYYYY Overdue." (It's a quote from the 'Producers', people :) ) DAY 1.

Ok -AT LAST - I am playing catchup - Rich has tucked himself in - bedbugs are biting and, as he is no longer standing over me with a whip like Simon of LeGree... I can BLOG and catch up on the most exhausting week since building the pyramids. I also have a lot of pictures that we didn't have the usb cord to upload - so I'll pepper in some visual aides as we go.

So - here are a couple moving pictures which I wanted to have on here. NB - I have been receiving vociferous complaints that the blog is lacking pictures of Po. Mea Culpa.


That's a pretty tragic picture of our dog - wandering around her empty home like some lost character in the Cherry Orchard. She watched her domain dismantled as we Rich and Janice aka MYBNSW (Mom You Better Not Screw With (just wait folks)) load the trailer:

MOVIN' OUT - Billy Joel, strangely, did not show up to help. moving-out.jpg

So - after our last day in Limbo - also known as Marblehead, Ohio, we started packing up AGAIN to move... AGAIN... Po at this point has given up understanding WTF was going on... However, she was giving new meaning to living out of a suitcase:


So - we got up at four am... packed up as much as we could of bare essentials in the blazer and headed to Indiana. We didn't bring a trailer with us - only an overnight bag, two air mattresses and cleaning supples... We had to do the walkthrough - and if anything went awry we didn't want to be stuck.

So we powered up the Garmin (GPS) - more about her soon - and were off to begin a new life.

We got there at around eight - and met Natlie, the real estate-agent/owner and her husband Steve outside the Huntington and then did the walk through. Rich and his mom and I were stunned at what a good job they did of really clearing out all the STUFF that had been in every nook and cranny of the foyer etc. As per agreement, they left us everything that was related to the theatre - but all their personal belongings etc were out of there and the foyer - one of my biggest concerns - already looked miles better. So the day started OFF well... It was kind of surreal walking through doing the inspection... but we were kind of still too sleepy to panic.

We headed over to the...um...deed signing place. (Clearly I am the legal brains of the family) - anyway - it's where all the paperwork had been drawn up and Janice stayed behind with the Pup and started cleaning the apartment. Have we mentioned Janice rocks? Anyway - we we get there and go into the conference room and sit there and Natalie gets the person who is supervising everything and she sits down with us and then says "So... what are you singing papers for today?" Which I thought was frankly pretty funny. And then Natalie says "The Theatre down the street - they're buying it"... and the woman says "Oh... you're selling that?" And Natalie says "Yes". And then the woman says "Gee.. I didn't know you own it". So - major confidence points won so far for the deed signing locale... But - in her defense - her boss was out and she was covering (although she definitely could have made more of an attempt to fly by the seat of her pants, wing it, and seem informed :) Anyway - soooo... we signed the paperwork - which took only about a half an hour... Half an hour to give someone a hundred and fifty seven thousand dollars...eep. And we handed over the check. Eeep... And then it was done. But the deed lady didn't really think it was neccessary to tell us that and it took about ten minutes of us sitting in the conference room staring at each other for her to come back in and go "Oh, y'all are finished with everything. You can go". So - Rich stole a pen.

In way of celebration, Steve offered to take us to lunch at Nicks Kitchen for breakfast. We felt that it was only fair that we get Janice who was scrubbing away like Cinderella - so we got her too. Now - although the location of our breakfast may not seem significant to YOU gentle reader... Nick's Kitchen is a) on the same block as our building... and b) the very location where George Bush announced that Dan Quayle would be his running mate...(Dan Quayle, born in Huntington... home of The Dan Quayle Vice Presidentail Museum. So - now TWO major historic events have transpired there - The start of the Bush Presidential Dynasty... and The Birth of the Jefferson Stage Rich and I are still arguing which one of is Dan Quayle. i think I lose. 3623jpg.jpg Anyway - Nick's is ALSO famous for inventing the Breaded Pork Tenderloin... (like we're talking 10 page articles about it magazines people... no kidding.) When the adorable proprietor of Nick's, Jean Anne sat down with us and filled us in on the whole Tenderloin craze Rich was tempted and had to explore. Of course if he hadn't we might have been tarred and feathered and sent packin'. 3621jpg.jpg Rich says, without a doubt, it is "The Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin He has Ever Had". I don't know how many he has eaten previously - but... heck... it's fried... so he's bound to find it tasty.

So - having quelled our 'oh my god we just bought a bohemeth' tummy butterflies (or rather tummy kangaroos) with down home cookin - we headed over to our new home... keys in hand. Holy crap. it's a major high point in our lives.

The rest of the day was lower on the scale.