Outside (world) Interference :) Sept 6, 07.

HALT!!! Before you read one LETTER futher... (ok - well maybe a few letters further)... make sure you scroll down and catch our first ever GUEST BLOG. Winston did a bang-up job - and I'd hate for you to accidentally miss out on all the juicy inside scoop-age. Well today was all about Rich having to deal with the Real World... meetings with Columbia and web stuff etc etc. So while he was working away on the phone with all those wonderful people who keep sending him checks, I tried to keep myself busy. I primarily continued working on this pesky theatre logo... we made some definite progress. The problem we realized is both the coffee shop logo (which you saw in one of the first blog posts) and the non-profit logo (which is still waiting to be unpacked (it's on an external hard drive in a box... somewhere)) are both very clean, modern and kind of classy. The one that we were doing based on the sign wasn't really falling in the same realm. So we're trying to find a way to make them function better as a group. I will say that I'm progressing pretty well on Illustrator... the stuff that I've gotten through on the tutorial I am retaining at a pretty good level - I just need to get through the other fifty seven hours of the thing. Patience grasshopper.

After the 'Day-us Horriblus' we had yeserday, Natalie got some promising news this morning. She apparently spoke to the realtor for the bank that handles the Byron Street house... and he says it's looking very likely that they will improve the additional price reduction for the plumbing work that needed done. Yes, ladies and gentleman, that could mean we are buying our very own Shit Box for ONLY $8,700!!

Now, I really should take a moment to clarify that we have no intention of housing our future actors in the Shit Box while it still a Shit Box. It's a diamond in the Rough... The world may see Frances Gumm, but we see Judy Garland. It may be just a poor flower girl, but by gum, she'll be a Romanian Princess by time the ball is over! It's going out there a shit box from Alan Town... but it's coming back a Broadway STAR, I tell you! Or rather broadway star's housing. Whatever. Anyway - we call it a shit box with love. That, and, well...it's a shit box.

Pseudo English Paula (remember?) paid a visit today to check on our progress. She has some friends from London she wants us to consider bringing down to perform eventually... The tricky thing, as I explained to her, is that, although my own taste leans very much in the Anglo direction and I'd love to do a full season of Noel Coward, Oscar Wilde and Yasmena Reza - we are accutely aware that our audience is more the demolition derby type crowd. In fact we learned about the demolition derby at the 'confirmed bachelor late nite porch get together' at Dans. And if THAT demographic is excited about the demolition derby... well... we ain't doing Shaw for the first few years. I told Paula that once we had built a subscription base, and the audience trusted us, we could start peppering in more challenging fare. But to start with... Cats on ice.

Speaking of such... I learned today that MTI now has a stage version of the original Willy Wonka film that is soon going to be available to license. It has all the Anthony Newley/Leslie Briccusse songs (Candy Man Can, World of Pure Imagination etc) and I am really intrigued about the possibility of doing that as our Christmas slot (to replace Beauty and the Beast.. remember?). Rich was delighted with my newfound information, since it led to me bouncing around all day going "Oompa Loompa doobidy doo... We're building a bathroom where we can poo" etc. etc etc etc etc. If we do the show I think he'll need large amounts of valium. But - anyway - it would be fun. And people would come. And I can work in a demolition derby scene somewhere.

Rich actually did get through his work earlier than we thought... and zipped down to get his hair cut. This isn't a great picture - but trying to get him to pose and smile is like teaching Po to knit.


While Paula was trooping the color, the plumber arrived in the guise of Keith's stunt double. He informed us that we had NOT screwed up the bathtub installation (hooray!) and got right to work doing plumbery things. After an hour, he had disappeared like Rich's tresses, and we had a drain.


The drain apparatus included a particularly odd top-hat type item that rather perplexed Rich and I... so perhaps we'll have a contest. Anyone who can explain what this mystery item might be will win a free luxury overnight stay in a four star hotel. Ok - it'll probably be the Shit Box...but what's 3.99999 stars between friends?


We also made some great headway in Rich's office. We want to start getting a lot of stuff out of the lobby... since (believe it or not) we might actually get to start work on the THEATRE part of the building soon! All his files and books and stuff are in the lobby - and he's going crazy in the living room... and it's highly likely we'll have Bob, Janice AND Aunt Cheryl over the weekend - so the living areas of the apartment need to be a little more LIVE-able. We started by getting the big old 2x4 shelf units out of there. Or rather, TRYING to get them out of there, until we realized it was too large to get through the door. I wanted to try and salvage the shelving unit for the scene-shop, so we took the circ saw and held our own private bookshelf-briss. Twenty minutes later - and a few inches shorter - the bookcase was successful excised. Then Rich did a good tidy with the shop-vac and we brought up his carpet. Although I was skeptical, the folks at the carpet place told us that the stuff we got for Rich's office didn't even need to be glued or nailed down... they said the furniture would keep it in place and it would settle nice and flat. Since it's an office and it's not like we're going to be dragging large things around in it... we gave it a shot. It actually laid down quite nicely and improves the look of the room enormously. It used to look like a cement cave. Now it looks like a cement cave with carpet! Yay!

After the carpet went down Rich whacked together some 2x4's to make the frame for his giant desk (the top of which is a long counter top he got at Lowe's). He wanted lots of surface area... and this turned out to be a great solution. It's not like we're going to be having board meetings in our offices... so function is much more the order of the day than fancy decor. But - the carpet maches the countertop... and it all looks quite nice. He framed it up, then we spooged down some construction adhesive and sat some weights on top. Voila - desk!


Actually - considering we've both been working at home for the past two years, and we've both had our desks in our living room... we are TOTALLY excited about having a space for our crap that won't interfere with our nest-area. It'll be great to be able to shut a door on our piles of papers and clutter. And each other. And once he has his bookshelves and filing cabinets and bulletin boards up there - it's gonna rock. I can't wait till we get to MY bunker.

So - not too thrilling of a day... but at least a few baby steps were traversed. We finished up the evening at Bob Evans where i think it was 'waiters get free amphetamines night' cuz everybody was little punch drunk. But they kept the biscuits flowin' and it we had a fun time. :) When we got home it seemed we weren't the only one's who were sleepy.. When we're working in the kitchen/bath area she expends so much energy being pissed at us that she can't be in the same room, that frankly, I think it's a quite a work-out.


Tomorrow - roof patching... and I'm gonna build a wall. Yup - I'm going out into the big bad world by myself and I'm gonna frame me up a wall. Rich has to do some Real-world paperwork, so I told him I wanna try doing it mostly myself so that I get it under my belt.

"oompa loompa doobidy doo... I'll cut off my fingers and hammer my shoe..."

Pray for me, people :)