A happy acci-DENT on a crappy day. Sept 4, 07

Today blew. It blew for a bunch of little annoying reasons - but they got piled on top of each other and it all turned into: Tuesday blew chunks. We still haven't heard anything back from the bank about whether they are agreeing to accept the discounted rate on the Byron Street House (from now on - we'll just call 'the house' - ok?) so that's just dragging on even longer than the three day weekend that left us hanging. That's just annoying - so it didn't really officially blow chunks.

We started installing the bathtub. We measured, we cut supports, we nailed, we fitted. We realized it had a dent. Not a huge dent... but a noticeable dent at the front of the tub - and on the dent it was scratched. Just the dent, i would have sucked it up probably because our day was already so crummy - and it would just be covered by the shower curtain. But we had bought a relatively base model tub... and the scratch in the enamel worried me... since it wasn't a super expensive tub, I didn't know if the exposed metal would rust or whatever. And BTW - we did not damage the tub...it's been sitting happily in it's box downstairs in the auditorium in it's own row - safe from all demolition, powertools and weiner dogs.

So we hauled the tub out again and took it back to Lowe's. They did the exchange - (lucky for them, Rich got a normal, human, nice teller today), and we went back with one of the giant flatbed cart things to get a replacement tub. Well - we went to the aisle where the $99 tub was... because we wanted to replace our previous $99 dented tub. And there weren't any on the shelves. And then Rich looks high, high, high up at the top of their stacking scaffolding shelf thing and says - 'Oh, there they are'. So we had to get a dude to get it. We get a dude. The dude was this nice guy in his fifties... and he comes over where the tubs are - looks waaaaay up high.... and says "What about the tub I have over here?". And he takes us up to his desk and there is a tub laying there. It's kinda dusty cuz it's not in a cardboard box. And it's on clearance. He says "This is a much, much better model - It's a left side model, like you need - why don't you take this one." He explained to us that it was only on clearance because it had the smallest dent in the top edge of the tub - which sits underneath where you put the backer-board, tile and caulk. He said - I have to put it on clearance becuase it has damage - but there's nothing wrong with it. Well - it WAS on clearance but it was originally $250 (ours was full-price only $99) and it was only marked down to $145. Rich said "Well - we were just trying to exchange one that was damaged and were getting the same model because it was $99 and that's what we had budgeted.

The dude looks at Rich, contemplates the fact that he has to a) put away the tub on clearance that is in front of him; and b) get a fork lift, rope off both sides of the aisle, and spend twenty minutes getting the other tub down from a height that Fay Wray usually frequented with oversized apes. He takes out a sharpie and writes $99 on the tub. Done.


And it's a really nice tub - the walls are much thicker and it's really hefty. So one nice thing happened today. So we had Unlimited Pasta Bowl (except our evil waitress wouldn't let me take my second bowl home in a carton - which they TOTALLY normally let you do... grrrr - so it was LIMITED pasta bowl which blew).... and then we headed home to install the tub. Normally we would have just gone to bed and licked our wounds...but we already scheduled Keith the Wonder Plumber to do the drain hookup and stuff tomorrow morning. So we had to put the tub in.

So - remember how I said one good thing happened in a crappy day. Well - the day wasn't over. More crappiness came a-flowin'. Perhaps flowing crap is appropriate when you are putting in plumbing for a bathroom... but still. We get the tub upstairs and slide it in like butter to the alcove and... shit. The supports for the back of the tub and the side that we had measured and cut and nailed with eight MILLION framing nails into the wall DID NOT LINE UP. All tubs are not created equal. The back of this tub sat at a totally different height. And it doesn't have the styrofoam base sit-on thing like the other did. So Rich, now at the end of his proverbial rope, has to get the crow bar and get the hammer and spends fifteen minutes trying to yank out something that he had installed PRECISELY in a manner so that it WOULDN'T yank out. This blew.

Finally he managed it... and we remeasured and re-fit and re-nailed and re-slid. And it fits. And it will be beautiful. And we're never freakin' moving it again!!!


Tomorrow is another day. And, at the very least, with the unlimited pasta bowl... I'll never be hungry again.