"One day more..." (cue turntable... crap, we can't afford one yet!).

Well - we're now like twelve hours away from liftoff. We'll leave Rich's parents at like 5:00 am to arrive in Huntington by 8:00 for the walk-through inspection (during which we will both probably have a nervous breakdown, tie po-dog to a dolly, scream 'MUSH' and attempt a panicked escape.Well - maybe not. After the inspection we sign on the dotted line (no blood required - although Rich's sweat and tears will already be generously splattered over the deed) and then we will probably return back to the building to discover 5,000 termites performing 'There is a Sucker Born Every Minute', and alligators living in the toilet bowls. Rich's Mom who has certainly nominated herself for Mother/Rosie the Riveter award of the year helping us get ready - will then introduce me to the true meaning of sweat equity. Cleaning. Now - I've never particularly excelled at cleaning - but I have been informed that as of tomorrow, I better be. Ooo... I WILL stop here for product placement - if you HAVEN'T tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser things - GO GET 'EM. When we were cleaning the walls in the NY digs to pass muster they were like magic. I mean if I had the choice of being the inventor of this or Post Its... i'd pick these. Wave of the future people. Bigger than iphone.

So - we'll clean - and then blow up the aerobeds and sleep on those for the night... We are going to attempt to create some sort of environmental comfort zone for the weiner dog (so she has some semblance of home) and then we gotta head back 3 hours to Ohio start getting our crap in the trailer. Sooooo much crap.

We went to Sears today to look at tools. We did buy a shop vac and a dolly... and I did NOT once wheel it around doing a Carol Channing impression. This, people, is progess. "I am easily assimilated". Wish us luck kids... If you believe in a deity PRAY FOR US - D day is upon us. And by 'd' I mean demolition, decorating and Demerol.