Waging the battle...

Hey everybody… we are knee-deep into show #2 and prep for show #3… but after a 10 hour rehearsal day, I grabbed a quick power nap and decided it was high time I said hey-ho!  I guess you could say we're reporting for duty...

IMG 3635

Joel put together this snippet preview video of the war show - check out all of the great music!


It's a fantastic show and the audiences have been LOVING it! Seats are still available for this upcoming weekend so you should grab them by calling Ann at 260-454-0603 or visitng the website at HuntingtonSupperClub.com

Finding the right look for the costumes for the War Show was actually kind of a crazy challenge.  We wanted something that felt like it had a military look - but wasn't of too specific a time period.  About 80% of the show is Vietnam-era music… so it needed to be something that didn't feel too dated.  What you see above is actually Ethan in the prototype stage… it's got some extra touches that I think really make it look snazzy.  Will and I went on a 'fact finding' mission to GI Joes Army Surplus.  


IMG 3633

They were SOOO nice to us.  Cuz let's face it - i'm not your standard Army Navy customer.  And there's me squealing things like "(gasp!!!!) they have camouflage DUCT tape!!!" and "This would make the BEST Grinch costume everrrrr!"  But they were so great… I told them what I needed and told them however we combined elements and pieces that I didn't want it to be disrespectful or offensive to anyone who had served - and they were super helpful.  They even went digging through all kinds of carts in the back for vintage 60's shirts for me.  We got all kinds of bits and pieces there, and then, when the girls dresses arrived, we headed back and got 34 brass dress uniform buttons to give them a little bling.  I wonder who's gonna be the poor sucker that has to sew on 34 buttons to a dress?


IMG 3661

 When I apologized to them for being the weirdest customer they'd ever had the guys, totally dead-pan said, "Sir, you are not the weirdest customer we've had in the past hour".

The boys are madly in love with the trousers… something tells me those are gonna disappear on closing night!   The girls costumes were even harder… I finally found a dress which was had, to quote Elle Woods, "fatigue chic".  They were custom made to the girls specifications and i ordered an extra 3 yards of fabric and we've had them doctored even further on this end.  I think we finally ended up with a look that I've dubbed "Mash Couture" :)  that, fingers crossed, looks fetching whether Ethan is singing "Eve of Destruction", "Age of Aquarius" or "Sentimental Journey".  

The War Show has been a pretty gigantic beast to learn.  Normally we schedule about 2 and half days for learning music… this sucker warranted four.  But they are doing great, and we're actually ahead of schedule (hence me having 20 minutes to write you a blog! lol).   

IMG 3579


The building has really never been busier… Now, for the very first time, we are running shows at the same time as the restaurant is open.  Chef Jimmy and the staff are doing an AMAZING job of juggling it all, and the food is soooo good.  Jimmy always makes sure that Rich and I stop to eat… so basically the two of us could now go days at at time without ever leaving the place!  But who cares when you've got this to look forward to!  

Retouched spaghetti

The Fort Wayne paper did a great feature on Jimmy - he was on the front page of the lifestyle section.


Audiences have been loving the Neil Diamond show… Even this table (which had me a little wary before the show)...

IMG 3650

Disappointingly, they didn't heckle me once!

We've gotten rave reviews from some die-hard Diamond fans… which is always a huge compliment.  We had one fantastic lady at the show who has seen him live 8 times and has a Neil Diamond Christmas tree.  It's amazing the number of men in the audience who covet my shirt… Who knew the male population of Huntington harbored such a love of rainbow sequins.  

IMG 3632

I haven't even had a chance to post you any rehearsal footage… so here's a little touch of how great they sound:

<iframe width="853" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/lNNsKtHZr9s" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

About halfway through lighting the Vietnam WWII Songs Show the company decided it was time for a collective power nap… And all good soldiers learn to grab a quick nap even in the most challenging of terrain...

IMG 3660

Yup… all our little soldiers are pretty sleepy.

IMG 3359

Well - I"m gonna try and write more soon.  There's so much to talk about!  Can't wait to see you in the audience this weekend helping us to celebrate the Age of Aquarius!