Erector set of insanity.

OMG guys - i seriously can't get over how huge these walls are.  It's been so frustrating to try and get decent pictures of the auditorium progress because we just can't get enough light in there for a camera to function.  But I suddenly had the bright idea to attach this big old clunky LED video light that i got for the video camera.  And it does a beautiful job.  So - suddenly - I can get pictures that show you how everything is looking.

Over the past couple days Rich got the little 'plug' sections on top of the third tier completed.  And today he and Bob finished off the return wall that ties everything in with the balcony.  The fact that this huge structure has been assembled by basically five people blows my MIND.  I wish you could see it in person, kids.  It's huge.

These pics are all taken from the balcony - you can see rich at the top of the ladder and bob on the third tier.

DSC 0218


DSC 0224

DSC 0227

DSC 0228

DSC 0233

You can see little tiny Janice on the third tier there for a sense of scale!!!

DSC 0231

Wanted to share these - talk more soon!!!