Bob (and Rich) the Builder


The last time we talked the third wall of the auditorium looked about like this… The first tier of the "steel three-tiered wedding cake" was  just on it's way to being put in place.


So… now… just a few snow storms later… here we are:

DSC 0512

It's kind of an overwhelming structure to look at.  The other walls looked really cool because they were just so darn tall…but this thing is like A STRUCTURE.  I mean, it's like it's own massive jungle gym.  When describing how we were renovating the auditorium Rich always said we were going to "build a box within a box" - but this is like BUILDING in a box. They got the first tier done… then laid down ply, then the next layer.. and another surface of plywood for access and rigidity.  Rich measures each run of flooring, it gets cut, and then we send the plywood up to him on the genie lift.

DSC 0509

The second tier is six foot tall - as you can see by the ladder that is perched in the middle of the second layer in this picture...

DSC 0513

So if you take a look at this picture - down in the bottom right you can see the genie lift… that gives you an idea of how big this little do-it-yer-selfer is!

DSC 0515

 And then, this weekend  - thanks to the Chris and Beth Hoke being back on the reno-train… Layer THREE…
Seriously - this thing is huge.  It's ridiculicious.   

DSC 0217

DSC 0221


DSC 0223

So they have to finish off some horizontal bracing up at the top and then there is a little bitty wall-plug section that has to go in to be able to affix the drywall so it will reach the ceiling.  And after that kids… it's conduit and all that fun stuff.

Then we need to get someone in to do a quote for drywall.  I never thought we would say it... but drywall is in sight. Something tell us getting someone to do 32 feet high panels of drywall is gonna cost us, Which, is why y'all need to buy LOTS OF TICKETS to the summer shows and help us get this thing DONE!!! This thing is actually close to being, you know, like somewhere you could see a show. It's amazing. 

Rich and I had our 10 year anniversary yesterday.  I'd like to say we haven't aged a bit...


But… well.  Just a little.

Poor guy - he had no idea what he was signing up for… But we've had some pretty amazing adventures along the way, and I'm darn lucky.  That guy works every single day to try and make my dreams come true. Here's hoping in another 10 years there's 32 foot of drywall everywhere we look!

And here is a cute sleeping weiner dog. :)

IMG 3204