Elf and a Shelf

Hi there kids. I'm playing With another new blogging program that Rich hooked up for me and hopefully it will allow me to talk to you more frequently. I use this one remotely so the idea is hopefully I can use some of my dead time berween classes more effectively, rather than just sitting in the truck listening to an audiobook! Although I have gotten pretty addicted to audiobooks.

The Pack Leader was in Bermuda for a week...during which the both us managed to get our time clocks completely doo-lally. By the time he left we were going to bed at 3am and getting up at 1pm...not the best habit to get into. Especially since soon I was gonna have to be up for my early morning class commute to Fort Wayne. Blech. The good news - it made staying up till midnight on New Years Eve a snap. As you can see, a wild time was had by all concerned.


My mother, for about the past 4 decades has wanted some utility shelves in our basement. So, since Najuch's are unfamiliar with the word 'rest', Rich decided he would be more relaxed actually BUILDING something than just staring at the TV. So, for her birthday, Rich made her storage dream a reality. Of course, buying wood in Bermuda is an experience in itself... in general it's about 3 times as expensive. My Dad was an eager assistant...as as you know Jews are known for their advanced carpentry skills.

 Why the mask you ask? Well, my Dad had some kind of killer martian death flu. And he always decides to be a brave soldier and work through his illness. And, at the same time, the little brave soldier usually infects the rest of the entire platoon and pretty soon the whole garrison has the plague. Determined to keep as many germs away from Rich as possible, El Frumpo was given a mask. Knowing my Mother and I, you will realize this was a very, very minor precautionary measure. Normally we would have put him in a Hazmat suit. :)




It's pretty tough to figure out a way to photograph them all completed so that you can see how much Rich got done... but he built a total of nine units that wrap around the whole room. I used a 360 degree app to take a 'surround' picture that looks kind of like Alice in Wonderland...but it gives you an idea of how much he got done in three days. Of course, as Rich likes to point out, if he'd had his handy dandy pneuatic nailer, the whole thing woulda been done in about 5 hours!


Now this is apropos of pretty much nothing...but I wanted you to see one of my favorite guilty pleasures that you just CAN'T get in Indiana. The local market in Bermuda sells fresh Cornish pasties. They are AMAZING. Basically stick shepherds pie in pastry dough. Yah. I allow myself one every trip...and the seductive flaky butteriness haunts me for the next four months :)

When we got home we discovered that the auditorium was freezing. I mean Free(holy crap)Z(you've got to bee friggin kidding me)ING. When all the ceiling sections were removed to make way for the proscenium arch, we didn't really factor in that (until the new material was in place) any attempt to heat that room would be pretty much fruitless. Hot air just zips right up through the ceiling - leaving the top foot of the 40 foot ceiling nice and toasty and the bottom 36 feet totally comfy for your average penguin. That means Rich will be doing a little less nitty gritty renovation work in there for the next month...but there is a lot of planning stuff that's going on, and meanwhile we are crossing off little 'to-do list' projects that we've needed to get to for a long time. For instance... after five years we finally have bathroom cabinets :)

Yes - you are right, one of the cabinets is suspended catty corner in a window. But we needed somewhere to put all the stuff that has to be plugged in... because the one outlet is right by the sink, and pretty soon one of us was going to get fried like a tater tot because we had so many wires tangled around the sink. You would think that in a little tiny bathroom the cabinets would make it feel smaller - but with everything off of the countertops now it feels like a wide-open bliss. Hooray!


This week a wonderful actor friend of mine named Patrick Garner came into town. We go back about ten years when we did a rather odd musical version of Tale of Two Cities together (I think at some point almost every person in this business has a done SOME odd musical version of Tale of Two Cities). Anyway - Patrick did a reading for me about a year ago and I found out he did this fantastic educational series where he travels to schools as characters from history. Patrick is a real pro...so I took his stuff back to the Arts Council, and Debbie managed to book him for a whole week doing nine shows at schools in the area. We went to see him and he was fantastic. He plays Thomas Edison and manages to keep 400 elementary school kids in the palm of his hand. It was a real treat and an inspiration for me to really keep working on the educational series material that we do.

Charlie and Po apparently had a merry vacation harrassing the grandparents. Janice's hardwood floors are quite pleased to bid Charlie bon voyage. Po, enamored with the surrounding wildlife, apparently barked herself hoarse staring at Bambi through the glass. So, on our return, we now had one dog who (as ever) barks like an inebriated goose (Charles), and now another dog who sounds like Bea Arthur with a hairball. Ah well... normal never was our style.

In other wiener news...
Apparently cold temperature breeds strange bed fellows...cuz they've never done THIS before. Yin Yang wieners.

Well - I have brochures to make, Neil Diamond songs to listen to, and a middle-school Shakespeare presentation to plan!