Red, White and Ewwwww.

Well I ate something that did NOT like me very much and spent the entire day feeling vomit-ocious.I'm not really sure who decided pepto bismol should be pink - but it's really not a color that makes your stomach go "yes - this is a great idea to solve my problem".

The painting over at the Opera House is coming along...but...

Because the rental period for the giant lift is very costly - and because it's taking much longer than the original estimate from the painters, Rich has spent the past couple days helping over at the Opera House to get things on track.


Shockingly he managed to get 3 different owners to agree on color choices, and then when they ended up on the building, all 3 owners thought the color was kind of sucky. The primary problem was the blue - which looked great on the swatch - but on the wall looked exactly the color of blue painters tape. A little garish. So after a couple sample tests, a new deeper, greyer blue was voted the winner. It's looking really pretty. The tough thing about buildings like that is the more you get sucked into painting the detail, the better it looks. It's kind of the opposite of less is more. Highlighting the filligree stuff and the molding is what really makes the building look beautiful - and of course that just adds time. But Janice the queen of 'staying inside the lines' is probably gonna help out with some of that stuff. And, since we need to wait for about a week for the new sections of the steel wall to arrive for the auditorium... it's ok. :)

So finally we went with a shade slightly darker than this blue... img_2288.jpg

And in the picture that cream looks brighter than it actually is. It's really a light grey - it looks very patriotic Main Street Disneyland. And frankly, if i was in charge, everything in the world would be Mainstreet Disneyland. LOL

The lift was a little tempermental at one point and Rich had to get under the hood. This would fall heavily in the category of things I should never attempt to do... dsc_0004.jpg

He's taking care of laying in all the red... using the paint sprayer. We got a new extendy thing for the nozzle for like 60 bucks that gives the spray great control (not a lot of overspray) and helps reach all those goofy crevices without hanging from the lift like a monkey.




MAKING HEADWAY... dsc_0019.jpg

I spent allllllll day Saturday as a judge for the Miss Three Rivers teen and little miss pageants. (Which is basically the Miss America Fort Wayne pageant). It is amazing how much time it takes. You have no idea. You get there at 11:30 in the morning to begin interviewing the contestants. The show is at five o clock - and at this particular pageant they were doing the "Miss" (the one that is vying for Miss America) the teen AND the little miss. So it's 3 sets of onstage interviews, evening-wear etc. etc. By the end of it your brain is swimming. The funniest thing for me was this little girl came out and was lip synching and dancing to "I Wanna Be a Rockette". The recording they had was being sung by Debbie Shapiro - one of my favorite vocalists - that i've done a couple shows with. It was kind of surreal to hear this Broadway diva, that I know, in the middle of Indiana being lip-synced by a 8 year old in more makeup than a contestant on RuPaul's drag race. This is my life. I will say that last years crown holder was - i know you're gonna laugh - a baton twirler. But she was AMAZING. That thing was flying! I am now a converted believer in the baton twirling department.


Rich has ordered the next wall sections - hooray. Almost a thousand bucks for layer 2 - but ya gotta have a wall, right? And I suppose gigantic 32 foot structures are not the thing to cheap out on! If we're lucky by the time the actors get here for the Holiday Show all the structure will be in place and then Rich (while we're rehearsing) can lay in insulation and stuff like that. :)

In case any of you didn't get to see it (and I know all you readers in Bermuda, London and New York regularly check in with the Huntington Tab), here is the lovely article that came out this week about the Business of the Year award...

And here a the fantastic pictures she took (and generously shared with us). Thanks Cindy! (seriously the best picture anyone has gotten inside that auditorium. And neither of us looks pudgy!!! :)


And here with are with the Mayor and the fantastic people who nominated us for the Award... Rosie Wall, Tina Bobila (from the Visitor Center), Debbie (hot buns) Dyer and Ann (reindeer cookie) Siegfried.


Yes, Ann. The Reindeer cookie comment is a hint. :) :) xoxoxo JOJO