The return of the blog monster!

Well - Rich...and Kyra...and the dogs...and Kyra have been sending me threats about a blog update.And right they are - way past due. I always like to tell you about renovation stuff and tend to drag my feet (my fingers?) when that's not happening so much. With the summer shows over Rich really wanted to get right back in the auditorium - but he was pretty darn sick for about a month (he's dandy now... it was some kind of flu that wouldn't die). So that put a big old sucky wrench in things. But now he's back on track and as i'm typing there a bunch of busy beavers working down there.

We decided not to do a Halloween show this year just so that we'd be able to keep moving forward with the renovations. But i've been doing quite of bit of the radio-drama stuff around and about. I did a bunch of presentations of Treasure Island at retirement communities all around the area - which was actually really fun. It's great to do those shows for an audience of people who remember listening to radio drama... they actively engage and the format is incredibly nostalgic for them. It's something I never anticipated. They did, inexplicably, book me to perform at an alzheimers ward. That was a little unusual. After the show one lady came up to Rich and... now keep in mind I had just read Treasure Island for 45 minutes dressed in a velvet pirate frock-coat... thanked him so much coming and singing country music. She loved country music and her kids wouldn't let her listen to it, and she was so happy that we had come and sung country music. She then walked away. Came back 1 minute later and thanked Rich all over again for the country music. Hey - as long as you make people happy, why quibble. :) I'm doing Sleepy Hollow at the Living Well Center in Wabash on Halloween and A Christmas Carol at the Honeywell House in Wabash on November 11th. Plus I did two preview chunks of 'Great Expectations' recently. I'm like a one-man PBS.

Ok - like I said, the auditorium is back on rise.

And the men-folk have returned to the cave.


The third and final wall of studs was by the far the most difficult to figure out. Luckily Rich had been through the planning process for the other two already, but for a couple weeks there I wouldn't be able to find him and then it would turn out he was just standing in the auditorium like statue of the Thinker staring at the wall. Rich's brain is kind of a like a lawnmower on a cold day. When he can't be 100000% certain of the correct way to proceed the motor kind of stalls. Then once he actually starts GOING in a direction he'll figure it out. He's a looker, not a leaper. It was really NOT easy to figure. The wall needs to allow for a 3 foot service hallway from the kitchen (so that food can be bussed throughout the auditorium seating.) So it needs to be a free standing wall which connects to the original brick wall. The free standing means that the wall will have multiple levels in order to tie it in with little floor-type areas to the original brick wall. So it changed the way he would order the studs (which come in varied lengths and expenses). Plus - the second story level has to be, well, level, but because of the auditoirum slant, the base of the wall slants about two and half feet from each end. Confused yet? Yah - stare at a wall for two weeks, and it'll come to you! So the plan is to build the first story - and create the even floor level for the second level - and then build again on top of that. So kind of like stacking short walls. Apparently it's called Balloon Construction, but it is not nearly as fun as balloons at a birthday party. So they've started on the first one... and it's finicky.



So, if you look at the pic - see how the bottom is all slanted - but the top is totally level. Yup. Hard. Glad it ain't me.

Since the return blog turned out to be SUUUUPPPPERRR long – here is the end of chapter one. More to come Thursday – I promise!!!!

Jo jo