This blows... and not JUST his nose :( Aug 31.

In the event the pack leader cannot fulfill his duties... the role of the pack leader shall be assumed by...Anybody? Anybody? Aaaaaaaa. Rich is officially feeling like poop. He lumbered around today doing his best - but he's sneezing his head off and was doing his best impression of a certain dwarf - not Sneezy.

"HI HO, HI...OH FUCK IT." grumpy.jpg

We had a whole list of stuff we wanted to get done today. Joists, patching the roof (cuz we've had a good dry spell), fitting the moulding in the living room and trip to Fort Wayne to buy a lot of stuff at the Labor Dale sale at Lowe's... and he was trying so hard to soldier on... but eventually he finally succumbed to the lure of a nap. He hasn't taken a nap since we got to Indiana. Poor little bunny. Po, however, was more than happy to advise him in the correct procedure: DOG TIRED sleeping-cute.JPG

I managed to force some Tylenol down his gullet part way through the day. He has this WHOLE theory about cold medicine's prolonging the illness... WHATEVER :) We couldn't have different philosophies on this whole matter and I couldn't even get DayQuil within twenty feet of him. He's asleep now however and was willing to take Nyquil. The difference, apparently, is that NyQuil helps you sleep, and sleep helps the body recover. I pointed out that whacking him over the head with a frying pan also would help him sleep. Well - "sickness and in health", right people? Let's just hope he's back at the helm and feeling better soon. :( My mother is convinced he has an infection from sucking down all that gross roof water... and I made him promise that if he's not better in a week to go to a doctor. So there. I'll probably have to ground up penicillin and slip it in his Mountain Dew.

Before he collapsed tho, Rich made a really good start at the joists. The first part of that was really a one-man job (and while he's assumed his alter-ego, Mr. Sicky is happiest in isolation) so I tried to be productive in the meantime. I had already base-coated the quarter round which was going to go in the living room, and in preparation for it I taped out the sills and ledge and gave it all a new coat of the semi gloss white. The sills got grubby when the guys did the install - and the ledge was still bare wood. So I allllmost got two coats on that when I ran out of paint. Not happy... I totally thought I had enough and we were at Lowe's last night. ARgghgh. The other thing that we realized is that the old molding was leaving a larger gap of crappy crumbling old wall (remember that delightful stuff from my original stripping adventure?) than we anticipated... and it peeked out about a quarter inch below the new quarter round. So we had to formulate a plan. We had a couple options... we could use this molding for something else (the house remodel... whacking me when I miscalculate paint amounts....whatever) OR we could drylok it OR I could try and fill the gap with joint compound and then paint it the wall yellow to match. So I tried that... it actually turned out really well. Here's a picture of the patching before the molding is applied over it... and you really can hardly see the seam. And considering how low down on the wall it is... and the fact the quarter round obscures it... i think it'll do the trick.

WHILE THEY NAP, I FILL A GAP compound-patch6.JPG

The painting and the patching took a couple hours... and then, to try and keep myself outa trouble while Rich was out of comission, I continued working on the foyer paint elevations. Rich actually liked the first draft quite a bit... and we just needed to adjust a couple things. I couldn't too much without him in nearby to say "how bout this? Now how bout this?" to fine-tune... but I made some adjustments to the stuff we talked about earlier in the day. So hopefully tomorrow we can sit for like an hour, nail it down, then calculate how much we'll need of each color - and buy it at the paint sale at Lowe's this weekend. Which will save us like five bucks a gallon. Which adds up. The metallic paints are particularly pricey - so hopefully those will be on sale too. We also want to calculate the amount of tile we need in the bathroom on the floor and shower-surround; and how much tile in the kitchen. And the drywall for the house. I'm thinking it's going to be another trailer rental day, kids.

Oh... MAJOR NEWS BREAK. This is BETTER than the Spice Girls reunion. Yes... you wrote letters... you called... you demanded it... TWO GUYS AND A TRUCK HAVE REUNITED. Yesterday, One Guy and a Bike wandered into the theatre (as people here do... I mean we lock the door if we aren't in the foyer... but if we ARE they'll just meander in) and asked Rich if he could have the old windows to take for scrap. We already knew they weren't going to be worth that much - and whacking all the glass out of them would be a hassle for scrap metal - so Rich said 'sure'. And this morning he returned WITH 'one guy without a license and a truck'. So our windows may well have been the contributing factor to patching up the greatest duo since Batman and Robin. Ta-rah!

The bank's realtor hasn't heard anything back from them about the request for money off for the plumbing repairs. I guess we'll hear Monday. We were bummed, cuz it would be nice just to get the whole thing squared away.

When Rich resurfaced we went to dinner. Now... here's how you know he's truly not feeling good. Today, after months of waiting with baited breath, we FINALLY saw the 'unlimited pasta bowl' promotion advertised at Olive Garden. It's a seasonal thing - and they only do it every so often. Rich LIVES for the unlimited pasta bowl. And especially since the Olive Garden is our fav place to eat, pretty much, we've been waiting for this event like kids waiting for clattering reindeer hooves on the roof shingles. And today the commercials started. I swear, God Forbid, if he was ever in a coma, the unlimited pasta bowl might just wake him up. But tonight.... he didn't feel up to going to Fort Wayne for our Lowe's/Unlimited Pasta Bowl trip. :( Hopefully he'll be up to it this weekend. Cuz I hate to see him sick AND deprived of ungodly amounts of carbs.

Anyway - so we went to dinner at the Mexican place five minutes away and then came back and made a go at the joists some more. Since he was feeling so crummy I actually insisted on being a lot more hands-on than normal. I made him take the back seat for once. And - I am pleased to say - I still have at least nine fingers. Kidding. I did pretty good. I used the saws all - and I used the circ saw, and I whacked in some nails (which I usually suck at)... and I think Rich thought I did a pretty darn good job. This floor is a nightmare to lay down the joists. Keith (the plumber) asked us to let him put down the pipes before the joists went in. But this floor is SO uneven... - like half an inch of variation all through the area we are working on. So now we are trying to lay joists around this maze of pipe AND try and get it to sit in an area, or at least shim something under it, so that it has good structural support for the bathtub etc. It's kind of a bitch. We love Keith - but no more pipes first on wonky floors. We had to space them at weird intervals to work around the pipes - and we felt like we needed some extra ones under the location of the tub... so we ran out of joists and have to get some more tomorrow. But we've done the worst of it by far - and we should be able to get the subfloor down tomorrow too. And then... really... it's full speed ahead on actually putting together the things that make a bathroom LOOK like a bathroom - rather than what we have right now. Which looks like a midget Amish barn raising party.

But here's a picture of our progress... take a look at how many crazy-ass notches we've had to make for the pipes etc:


Then we finished up the night by getting out a tube of construction adhesive and attaching as much of the molding as we could. We ran out of the adhesive - another thing on our list for tomorrow - but you can see how, once the painters tape comes off, and with a little caulk to finish the seams, it's going to look really nice.

Just take a moment, if you will, and remember what that wall looked like when we started:

BEFORE - note: nasty windows, nasty ledges, nasty walls. original-windowjpg.jpg

And now...ALMOST AFTER - new windows, nice ledges, nice molding, nice wall. moulding.JPG

Not bad, right? And it'll all look even nicer when the tape is gone and the caulk smoothes out the gaps.

So - lots of things to keep truckin' away at. Fingers crossed on the NyQuil... Hoping Vicks will do the trick. I'm gonna go now and sleep like a wiener dog. xo Jo Jo.