Summer surprise!

Hey guys...Something super nifty happened that's been a little wacky for all of us - but is gonna be fantastic for you! About six days before the show we ended up in a position where were had to replace one of our girls. We talked about reducing everything down to 3 voices (we've done that in the past when it suited the show). But Adam, our musical director, really thought the Beatles show arrangements would suffer without four voices. Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, Rich and I knew that the gee-orgeous Jill Sesso (our Judy Garland from 'Fascinating Rhythm" and from the summer of the Italian show, the 60's and Irving Berlin) had JUST closed a show in Chicago like 2 days before. We called Jill and she was up for the challenge. It so great to have her back. This cast is filled with so much joy and fun - and the Beatles show is really coming together in an exciting way. Jill has learned everything in about a 48 hour period - it's staggering. Thought we might share a little preview for you.. here she is with everybody working through a lighting session of "Here Comes the Sun".

Opening night went great last night! There are still a few seats (about 14) for tonight (Fri) and two for tomorrow on Saturday left. Get them by giving us a call at 260-454-0603 or on the website at Don't miss this show guys - it's gonna be really cool. xo jojo.