Sick and Tired. Aug 30.

Both sick. Both tired. Nuff said. Today was pretty much a Lowe's run and that's about it. I picked out a bright yellow paint for my office that hopefully I won't hate (cuz if i change my mind again I'm gonna be evicted :) ). We got quarter round to finish off the living room - now that the windows are installed. Rich has a sinus cold/fly thing - probably from spending an hour up on the roof during a monsoon and walking around piled up wet mouldy cardboard for days. I seem to have a stomach thing that involves rather lengthy trips to the facilities five minutes after eating anything. I crashed for several hours (and felt guilty about it because he's sicker than me). We sent in the plumbers report (which Keith did brilliantly) that pointed out that since there was no water running in the building that they should give us some money off the price the attend to that. We were nervous about sending it in - but the banks realtor said it was perfectly reasonable - so we'll see what they say. And then we'll close the thing. There's a big sale at Lowe's with 0% financing for a year - so we're gonna go tomorrow or Saturday and pick out all the paint for the foyer and a pile of dry wall etc we need for the repairs at the new house, cuz then we can pay it in monthly installments over the year - rather than bite that bullet all at once. Hopefully Rich will feel better soon. I'm trying to get the foyer plans done.

Sorry this isn't more entertaining - I'm not up to it :)

xo JO JO.