Gettin' there.

Guess who just finished all three scripts. Meeeeeeeee. So happy. So happy. I mean, i still have to weave the time line biographical stuff through the whole thing - but don't know the show order until way later - so i can't do that yet. What i have done is completed all the script stuff about each song - 72 of them. yeeehaw. I'm really glad because it means i can get on to other stuff with a couple weeks left before the young'uns arrive. We're making progress on the sign. I am bound and determined that i'll get the thing refurbished before the summer shows (which means before the actors get here - cuz after that - not gonna happen). Rich and I climbed up there and he worked a couple hours removing all the old busted neon. It wasn't simple - but it came out a lot easier than we imagined. It all kind of slots into place and was held in place by little pieces of wire. We got all the neon off of both size after about two hours. And already - without all that broken janky stuff hanging off it - the sign looks wayyyy better.


I needed some way to make a template for the lettering - cuz i really didn't want to have to start from scratch. And Rich was pretty convinced that after we power washed the sign, most of the lettering would be gone - since so much of it is peeling. After wandering around Mendards for 45 minutes I found a giant roll of clear vinyl plastic - 4 foot by 12 foot. I think it's supposed to be used to seal porches and stuff?? I dunno. Anyway - it was thick enough that it would keep it's shape. So I went out to the marquee and stuck up the plastic along the sign using about 12 strong magnets from the hardware store. Traced the letters with a sharpie... and voila. Now i have a template. I thought i was going to have to cut out the plastic like a stencil - and i was worried because i didn't think it would hold it's shape (it's a little droopy). But online i found carbon paper that's 2 foot by 3 foot and i ordered a couple packages of it. I'll just tape that to the plastic... magnetize the plastic in place, and transfer the lettering back on to the sign. Whooopeee. If Rich isn't totally wiped out (they are over at the house right now working), we might power wash the sign tonight. Which would be awesome, because that means tomorrow i can start experimenting with the bondo stuff. All those little holes you see on the sign (that were the neon inputs) all have to get filled in with fiberglass patch. It's gonna be a brand new learning experience - and i'm sure it won't be the last time i use it.

Rich is also power washing the underside of the marquee so we can paint it too... cuz it needs some real love.

They are makin' great progress over at the actors house. All the framing is done and the sub floor is in. We were at Menards for three hours picking up supplies. Three hourrrrsssssss. Seriously they need like a day care area with a colored ball pit and a bouncy castle that they can just leave me in. Janice has gotten everything insulated... which is apparently delightful in the heat. Cuz you have to wear long pants and long sleeves and a mask. Basically in 90 degree weather she's wearing a snow suit.


They installed the new double door (which is wayyyy better than the pocket door that was in there before. It makes it feel a lot more like a cozy private space.

DOUBLE YOUR FUN dsc_0621.jpg

And they expanded out the bathroom wall so that now, the bathroom has a linen closet and on the opposite side (in the bedroom) there is a closet for that room - which will be soooo nice. In this pic Janice is in the bathroom linen closet and Rich is in the bedroom closet.

EVIL MONKEY!!! img_1837.jpg


Yesterday and today they are doing the sheet rock in the bathroom. Apparently 'green board' that you use for tiling is no longer green. It's blue.


OOOO OOOO update... didn't get the blog posted until tonight - and there's nifty progress.... look - sheet rocked bedroom :) drywall-bedroom.jpg

Aren't they doing a great job. Without the panelling that was in there, it looks SO much more like a connected 'real' room in the house - (rather than an extension add-on). And... bathroom. Apparently doing the sheetrock in here was awful because with three Najuch's smooched into an 8x8 room trying to negotiate full lengths of drywall - it was a little tight, a little sweaty, and a little claustrophobic.


So before you know it the tile queen will be elbow deep in grout once again!

Tonight Rich spent an hour and a half power washing the sign... Hopefully after another session tomorrow night it will be done on one side and I can start patching. It's like watching someone with a giant water pick and... um... cleaning giant rusty teeth? power-washing-sign.jpg

I'm working on the program. No rest for the wicked. Wiener dogs, however... they rest. rich-and-po-couch.jpg

I'll give you sign updates - unless of course i accidentally get sealed in fiberglass like Han Solo in carbonyte :( xo me.