A Hard Days Write.

So - i haven't forgotten about y'all.i got a super cheap fare to go to home to bermuda for 6 days - and since my parents can't come visit this summer, I decided I would pack up all my summer research and work on it there. Here's what my day looks like...


In case you expect me to come back with a radiant tan... I realized yesterday that I actually have not LEFT THE HOUSE since Sunday, the day after I arrived. Ok - I walked around the garden to find my mother because I thought she had been abducted by aliens (she was watering plants). Other than that - seriously - I had not been OUTSIDE until i went to the airport to come back to Indiana.. The good news is - out of the 72 songs I got all of them researched, all of the Beatles script compiled and I'm about 1/3 through the movie show. It's kind of a race against time, because before long I need to start working the program, staging, AND I want to try and repair the exterior sign before the youngun's get here on the 12th.

So something pretty unusual happened on the way to bermuda. We left Atlanta headed to Bermuda... it's about a 2 hour flight. In front of every person's seat they have those little tv screens, and if you're not watching TV it scrolls through stuff including a GPS map of where you're flying. About an hour into the flight, our screen showed this... img_1815.jpg

Apparently someone on the plane became ill and they had to turn around and go back to the nearest airport. Which was kind f odd because we were already halfway over the Atlantic. But anyway - they didn't decide to tell us until about 20 minutes after they turned around, so everyone was looking at their screens going "is the captain drunk??".

Got an email from our adorable Xmas stage manager Nick Rainey asking if he could come back next year!!! That'll be his third contract with us... i can't tell you how gratifying it is when really talented, exceptional people want to work at your theatre multiple times. It's a big ol' shot of sunshine in brain.

Rich and Janice have been busy beavers over at the actor's house. Right before I left they discovered that Rich needed to clear out some concrete (not part of the foundation... a remnant of where the old porch used to sit) so that he could repair the bathroom floor properly. So the Pack Leader got to rent a new toy for the day...

HE DON'T KNOW JACK img_1804.jpg

OMG those things are heavy. I mean - i know it makes logical sense that it would... but i never realized that half of what makes a jack hammer so effective is the weight bearing down on the hammer thingy... It was like taking an elephant out of the truck. An elephant with a thyroid problem. A bigggg elephant.

So now in the past week, Rich has repaired the floor, they've installed the new sub floor and yesterday the shower cubicle wall and the shower itself were installed. This bathroom is gonna be nicer than ours - seriously.

RUB A DUB SUB dsc_0632.jpg

MR. CLEAN dsc_0630.jpg

COMIN ALONG... dsc_0628.jpg

We also are doing some really nifty stuff with the exterior windows of the theater. I'M SOOOOOO happy about it. Rich found a place that will print window clings at an excellent price. Large ones. You know those little plastic film things that people put on their windows for holidays and stuff and then they use peel off... well imagine that if it was in Jurassic Park. Big. We printed three of them and now they run all along ThEatery building windows and it makes such a difference. It's kind of fun to watch people walk past because you can see they are really drawn into looking at the stuff now... And they look so great - the quality is super. We're trying to figure out a way to attach them to plexiglass (can your find non-glare plexiglass???) and use them to replace the glass around marquee that's all botched up. Anyway - here they is...




The address numbers are now scraped off that door - so don't panic :)

Rich and i are also working on a game plan to repair the sign. We're going to remove all the cracked, busted, scary, frankenstien's laboratory neon and repair all the rusted metal on the sign. Apparently i'm doing this with some magically stuff they use on cars called Bondo. Sounds like a Clown to me. I'm sure i'll give you the rundown next time. Anyway - we have a plan - and we got test exterior metallic paint colors and while I was home my Mom was awesome and painted all these little bits of paper with a million different test colors of oranges and reds so I could play with them like a jigsaw puzzle and find the combo i liked. So - here's the mockup of what we chose... I'm really excited to get to work on this thing. Also i'm hoping that my presence annoys the 30,000 pigeons that I think hang out on the sign and wake us up every morning. Seriously, i think they have their own P.A. system.


We are about 100 tickets ahead in sales of what we were last year at this point!! Thanks guys - but there are still plenty of seats left for you all! Like I said, until the summer ticket sales come in, we are pretty much stalled on the auditorium renovations... We've spent about $15,000 in there so far on the walls (and that doesn't count the extra $2.95 for frozen peas on Beth Hoke's head.) So, seriously - every ticket you convince one of your 'never tried it' friends to buy, is what's gonna help us get in that space in the next year... which seriously is a possibility if we can sell a really strong season.

Ok - back to my books. And my vampire existence. xo jojo.