Peckerwood gets a facelift.

Hey blogies... I'm done with school for the semester - yayyyyy. Happy to be through with that and now I'm spending most of my time doing the research for the summer shows in a lazy boy with dogs draped over me. It's also that delightful period in the semester where students develop localized amnesia regarding the attendance policy that they get warned about every four minutes. Yeesh. Seriously - pretty much the only way you can fail my class it to NOT SHOW UP. Which some people seem to take as a challenge. The good news is that on the illustrious 'rate my' i am listed as a five out of five. However, the site also allows students to grant professors a red chill pepper rating if they are considered 'hot'. I am currently red pepper-less. Although, i don't really like red maybe it was consideration on their part. :)

We went on our little field trip to Indianapolis to see Will, our summer tenor, in The Music Man. He's the one on the right that looks kind of like Richie Cunningham. Who, believe it or not, Rich was actually named after. I would like to thank Janice for not sticking me with a dude named Opie. 526735_2415446783275_1164481166_32698163_649337644_n.jpg

He was great - and it'll be fun to have a boy in the cast who can kick over his head. Of course, that probably means beverages will go flying into the audience from the front tables...but as long as it does it during 'Raindrops are falling on my head" we'll call it an artistic choice. It was actually really nice because we've actually never met Will. He auditioned and did his callback for us over Skype... so though we've spent a lot of time viewing him over a laptop screen - he really had no concrete proof that we actually existed. We saw the show, went to lunch after, and then apparently he promptly went him and stood on a belt, driving the spike of the belt buckle through his foot. He's ok, but apparently that night he had quite the shi-boo boo-pi.

Rich, Janice and Bob over the past two weekends have made some great progress giving the actor's house (Peckerwood as we call it) some TLC. Basically the plan is to replace all the fixtures in the bathroom, put in a new kitchen ceiling, and spruce up the bedroom that is next to the bathroom. The bathroom, for some ungodly reason, we decided to paint a dark grey... and since there are no windows (well there WAS a window, but it had been previously boarded over) it was dark and a kind of depressing. It needs a new shower stall as well, and since it was one of the only sections of the first floor that we didn't redo the first summer, Rich decided we should just gut it. I wholeheartedly approve.

SHOWER COMIN' OUT photo9.jpg

SHOWER GONE photo8.jpg

Apparently tearing all the old stuff out was not fun...


And as they were doing it they realized that the exterior wall had suffered some water damage behind the shower... so the outside section needed to come out too. So... clean slate time. They had intended on putting a new vent... and certainly this takes care of any ventilation needs :) So they had to carefully excise the exterior siding so that i could be re-attached once the interior guts were freshened up.



IN GOES THE NEW WALL... photo2.jpg



I'd really never seen the OUTSIDE of house not...y'know... be there anymore. It's kind of amazing how little there really is to a house. I mean - once the siding is gone it's pretty much wood slats, insulation and then helllloooooo your inside. Rich realized that as all this was coming out they could actually extend the bathroom a little bit and, at the same time, build a closet into the adjacent bedroom (which was closet-less because we had converted it into a bedroom the second summer.

So - before they called it a day, they figured it would be worthwhile to, y'know, seal up the house... photo3.jpg

The studs separating the bathroom and the bedroom came out (once they had supported the ceiling properly with new 2x4s and now Rich is gonna spend the evening figuring out the exact new bathroom layout.

The crummy old panelling in the bedroom is all stripped down now, as are the old ceiling tile. So Rich can add new insulation, which will everything that much warmer in those cold months. Once that is done, that bedroom will get all new drywall and a new door (it had a sliding door, which we all kind of hated).

So here's where things are... dsc_0629.jpg


LIke I mentioned last time, rather than use all our remaining funds (until the summer shows) on a project that's only gonna give us 2 days of progress (the last wall in the auditorium), it made a lot more sense to use the money towards making some real improvements in the living space for the company. The housing was totally fine - but having worked with so many casts now and having learned how they use the space and what the advantages and disadvantages are... it's gonna make everything that much more comfy.

Tomorrow Rich and I are going out onto the marguee to look at the Huntington sign. Plan is to pressure wash it, open it up and see what we can do with that puppy. I'm kind of excited about it. Although i think there are going to be some seriously pissed off pigeons.

in other news, i've discovered that charlie is actually Tim Burton's frankweenie... 110111_nf_fs_firstlookatfrankenweenie_feature3.jpg


Ok - I'll write more soon, xo jojo.