And the wall came tumbling down...

Welllllll...Apparently Rich was jealous of Beth getting all the attention. See the tile on the outside of the building has been kind of a huge pain in our butt since we got here. It's substantially damaged and cracked. The problem is that it's an art deco glass tile in these huge slabs that no one... no one... no one makes any more. We've contacted numerous specialists over the past four years and one guy even came out who salvages this stuff from other deco buildings. And we were S.O.L. The center of the building (with the fun curvy things) is metal... not the tile... so that's not a problem. It's the sides. Beneath that - the original 1904 facade is brick.

Recently the tile has been getting worse. The winter really took it's toll on the stuff and there was a section that looked like it was in danger of coming loose. Ok... it was eventually GONNA come loose - it was a question of when. So Rich has talked to some people about getting quotes for a new brick facade, since there doesn't seem to be much of a choice (yayyyy... more money we don't have... yayyyyy). And on Sunday Rich and Bob drove the genie lift outside and went up to dislodge the precarious section of tile.

They, sensibly, decided to work from the upper most point of concern down... so that nothing would tumble down. Well.. it was good in theory. Apparently there were several more tiles above in the column that were also loose, and as they went to remove them, Rich basically got brained. Admittedly he has a very large head - so it's an easy target. I was actually driving in the parking lot across the street so i had a really good view.

This is where you ask 'were they wearing hard hats. I mean...after all... Beth got bonked earlier this week, so naturally they would be wearing hard hats.' Of course. Wellllll... since they were working above the area they thought was troublesome, they didn't. And a couple tiles basically slid onto the Pack Leader's head. He also went to protect his head with this arm... so his shoulder got whacked too. These tiles were actually way heavier than any of us had anticipated. They are like 1x2 foot...but they are like an inch and a half thick... concrete... and heavy.

So Rich got whacked.. all the loose tile had tumbled INTO the genie lift base, and Janice and I had to clear it out before the lift could come back down. We looked at Rich's head and my clinical analysis was "You've been hit in the head by a concrete tile. I'm no medical expert, but all that red stuff is probably not strawberry syrup".

So... off the to the emergency room we went. img_1768.jpg

Bob the Brave, stayed behind with Janice and removed all of the rest of the material that might still be a hazard to anyone. Here's how it went at the hospital. Check in person: Have you had a tetnus shot recently? Rich: Yes: Registration person: Have you had a tetnus shot recently? Rich: Yes. Nurse: Have you had a tetnus shot recently? Rich: Yes Nurse Two: Have you had a tetnus shot recently? Rich: Yes Doctor: Have you had a tetnus shot recently? Rich: Yes Dude next to us who has been in a coma since 1964: I'm awake! Have you had a tetnus shot recently?

Hey, at least they're thorough! Either that or they have a batch of tetnus shots that expires next week. His shoulder was actually hurting quite a bit worse than the gash in his head. And the problem is that Rich has a HUGE tolerance for pain. (Exhibit a... he lives with me). So when they ask him if he's in pain or he needs anything for pain he's always like... "no... this wolverine just gnawed my arm off...but i'm ok". So I'm interrupting every four seconds saying "Yes. He's in pain." I mean seriously.. he once had a tooth removed without aneathstetic.

I was REALLY worried he was gonna need a cast...cuz let's face it. That slows things down a little! But, luckily it wasn't broken and the arm started to feel a lot better. His brain was carefully examined...

YUP... EMPTY img_1769.jpg

And then he got seven fun staples in his head. Apparently having your head stapled DOES hurt. Go figure.


He also had some fun strawberry blonde highlights there for a while. Anyway - he's fine. I had to wake him up every two hours to make sure he wasn't dead. I would poke him and say "are you dead?". He would say "No". Which I took as a good sign.

He's feeling much better today and... has not taken a single pain killer. Yeesh.

xo jojo.