A Header the Class.

Hey guys - quick one today... I'm just about done with teaching this semester - next week is the last week of classes. Yeehaw. I'm ready to be done. One of my students asked a question this week.. "Um... it says that the play this sunday is going to be signed for the hearing impaired. Are the actors still going to talk?". Oy.

I'm excited cuz we get to go see one of our summer cast members in a show next week. That's a first. Will, our summer tenor is playing one of the leads in the Music Man in Indianapolis, so we're makin the drive up to see him. I have a feeling after spending six months of last year working on the same show my lips may be moving during some of the songs... but it is always fun to see how different productions tackle classic material. And, since Will is playing a dance track, I'm kind of excited to see him leaping around.

Last week Rich and I went to Shipshewana for the first time. It's Indiana Amish Country. I've never been to Amish country anywhere - so I was pretty excited. I was like... Look a buggy...look a buggy...look a buggy...look a buggy.It was a one-day kind of meet and greet for tour operators in the NE Indiana area. It's like uber-speed dating. The operators basically travel in a line from table to table, and your on a vocal loop doing a forty five second schpeel for them before they move on to the next table. Pretty quickly, if you're not careful, you could start to feel like you are an audioanimatronic robot at Disney World. "Great Moments with Mr. Najuch". Rich kept saying to me "you need to relax and just slow down"... which of course is like telling Po, when she discovers a bag of twirlers, to only have 80 of them.

Our favorite encounter was with one lady named Princess. She informed us that she was so glad she'd run into us because she was thinking about becoming a singer and she wanted to give us our business card.... img_1762.jpg

I really, really, really want to drive to Hammond Indiana JUST so I can stop by and actually CASH IN on the Princess Hook up. Cuz girl, we all know i be lookin' all kinds of fierce with my hair scrunched.

The best part of our little excursion was we got to eat there. It was held at a place called The Bluegate, which is like super famous as the Amish-Eat-Yourself-To-Death not to miss stop. It was all served family style... and it was...seriously... insane. I don't know what they put in the Meatloaf but it was like the best I've ever had in my life. The whole meal was like an avalanche of carbs. "Hold on... you need potatoes...hold on you need stuffing... wait... did you get bread... wait... how bout noodles". Seriously. And ham, and fried chicken... it was nuts. And then pie. OMG. I am so glad I live 2 hours away because honestly, I would need to get Rich to have the restaurant put a restraining order on me. blue-gate-food.jpg I have a former student who works there and he's gonna try and hook me up with the meatloaf recipe... I'm assuming it involves 3 sticks of butter, 2 pounds of sugar, pixie dust and crack.

This week Ryan, Beth and Chris helped us get the header supports up over the proscenium arch. It only took one night - but because the room, of COURSE, isn't square, we had a few challenges keeping all of the upper sections plumb. You might remember that the floor not only dips, BUT the side walls of the auditorium also lean out slightly. So that made things super fun. it'll take a couple hours of tinkering - but nudging here and there is a whole lot easier than cutting and initial installation. We've cut so many studs at this point that we had to get a new blade for the circa saw.... we didn't realize but seriously the one we were using has been worn down about 2 full inches from it's original size!

It was my first journey up to the top of the scaffolding. I was not a happy camper for the first hour... but I think I've become accustomed to it. I've learned not to eat right before going up there. It's not the fear of heights.. it's that the scaffolding has a gentle rocking motion - not all that scary - maybe just a half an inch side to side... but it feels (to me) exactly like being on a boat and I started to feel pretty seasick. Who knew I'd covet dramamine in a theater! Going up and down is the ookey part - but I'm getting the hang of it. The scaffolding is pretty great stuff - you certainly don't feel like you're going anywhere.


BEAM. ME UP joel-and-beam.jpg

So - although it still needs some futzing...here's the full proscenium arch all studded out. It's PRETTY cool, kids. dsc_0625.jpg

And, one final note, I would like to personally thank everyone for texting Ryan and calling him Hot Lips... it's the little victories in life, ain't it?

xo jojo.