One down, Two to go.

Ohhhhhh yahhhhhhhh. Today Rich and Team Awesomeness (Beth and Ryan and Chris) finished off the first wall... alllllll the way over the balcony as far as we need studs. I finally managed to get a fun picture of the flyin' sparks. sparky-2.jpg

The whole thing woulda been done earlier in the week if it hadn't have been for a couple snags. But at this point Rich and I are pretty accustomed to snags as part of the timeline. Chris says things like "I can't believe we didn't get more done" and Rich and I look at each other like "dude - this is a good day... we only spent 2 hours on something unanticipated!". Unanticipated ickiness #1 of the week was along the top of the balcony rail. Rich had to basically gouge out the acoustical degraded foam junk so that he could mount the support for the top runner along the balcony. And then under the foam he discovered our favorite construction substance... MESH OF DEATH. metal-mesh.jpg

This stuff just suckksssss to remove. It takes a 20 minute demolition and instantly transforms it into 4 hours. Also it rips up your entire body as you're trying to remove it. Rich had to cut out each little dumb link one by one for about 20 feet.

But then the top rail could go in... Looks like the height is so much less daunting - but keep in mind Ryan is on the balcony... and the scaffolding to the right is...well, not. top-rail.jpg

Chris goes up and down the stuff like a monkey... it freaks me out. He was an engineer on an oil refinery for a couple years... so balancing on teetering pieces of metal is old hat to him. YA GOTTA HAVE HOKE. hoke.jpg

Once the studs had passed about half way up the length of the room the ceiling suddenly gets about six feet higher. Which means the studs get about six feet longer... (The longest one was just over 30 foot). That makes hoisting them up even more challenging. They got the better of my little short self... Rich and I put up about six of them on our own one day and I was not coping well in the he-man department. Luckily Ryan is six foot and a lot stronger than me... stud-going-up.jpg


And by the end of the day they were installing the final stud (some tricky ones UNDER the balcony that had to negotiate some weirdo curves. Which brings us to the winner of the "this will never be a caption contest" photo of the decade... rich-ummm.jpg


AND IN WENT THE FINAL SCREW the-final-screw.jpg

And so... here's wall number one kids:




So now we need to order the materials of the next wall. Rich is going to start on the center one (the proscenium wall) which has me really, really, really, really, really excited. It's gonna be finicky cuz he's gotta start scurrying around the rafters way up above the ceiling of the auditorium. I've been working on design details for the proscenium. We've started running sample pieces through the compucarve (which is the amazing machine I've been dying to use for like 3 years now). It's basically like a dot matrix printer except rather than paper it takes wood, and rather than ink, it uses a drill bit. We really like the way the fish scale pattern came out - and the diamond one we're gonna gussy up a little. Basically it will be piecing together several custom section of molding to create a giant proscenium frame with lots o' deco details... It's gonna be silver - so we spritzed the sample boards just to get a feel of a little section: prosc-stuff.jpg

All right folks... more soon. xo jojo.