Cuban Cuban, I've been thinkin', what a grand world this would be....

Ok - so i actually formulated this little blog over Christmas and then Rich was gonna post it, but then we got waylaid... and well... yah. So - here's a fun little video that Elizabeth and i did before she took off.

GUESS WHAT - we're working on the auditorium. NO. Reallllly!!! Almost all of it is cleared out - or at least cleared out in the areas where we are beginning work. Sometime this week we're going to start pulling down old plywood wall facing and begin the process of framing. Rich is ordering materials in a day or too... yup... something's really happenin' kids. So I'm gonna take lots of pictures and try and keep you more updated. It's really pretty cold in there - so we're wandering around like South Park characters with hats and gloves. There is NOTHING so delightful as seeing your breath indoors. But it's really ok - cuz you're moving around and lifting stuff. This week we got a lot of stuff to the dump and Rich has finalized the platform seating plans. First will come the walls, though. The seating platforming was important to figure out though because we needed to know how much leeway we had for the walls to extend into the space. And Rich's favorite new phrase is "would you rather have ((insert funky decorative item)) or the income from 8 more seats every night?". Yeah - guess which one usually wins. :)

We're debating about ceiling painting methods. The pack leader seems to think he can handle it on the genie lift with a roller... I think after about four minutes that's going to give way to the car sprayer. Lay your bets now, folks.

Trying to save our pennies for materials - so we've been trying to eat a lot more at home. We made Paula Deens goulash 2 nights ago and tonight I've got my mom's ham and beans simmering as we speak.

It's pretty awesome to be having logistical conversations about the auditorium on a daily basis. It's scary - cuz every decision you make feels like there is no turning back...but i'm not sure it's really true. After all, we are the people who have almost always painted an entire room 3 colors before we figure out the one we like.

So there's a lot to look forward too. Fingers crossed.

Ok - so slight rewind. Back to that blog that never got posted - that junk that I tell you in my script isn't all hokum. Some of you who visited us this holiday may recall Sam's peppy little song about eating for Christmas... well i told you it was written by Gloria Estefan and was all about Cuban holiday food. My script explained how cubans marinate a pork for roasting and then on Christmas day they eat it with black beans and white rice which is named 'Moros y Cristianos' - Moors and Christians... black and white...gettit? In fact the song Ebony and ivory was originally titled Moros y Cristianos. Ok - that part is completely made up. Anyway - Elizabeth who has been raving about her mother's cuban food for... oh...two years now sent me some pics of her and her family on Christmas day.

Here's Cari holding the plate of pork goodness... (Lechon Asado): elizabeth-mom.jpg

And here we see the Urbanczyk clan chowin' down... elizabeth-fam.jpg

And now - here's a little interview I did with Elizabeth towards the end of the run. We talk about her entire experience working here over the past couple years PLUS we get to watch her put on her Ru-Paul-tastic amazing makeup!


More soon, Jojo.