Boxing Day needs Carols.

Seriously - we colonials need to have songs for this "no i'm still not going to work" holiday.Perhaps we should only run Rocky films all day on HBO.

Anyhoo...should have posted this yesterday. I worked on it in my post turkey haze. Hope you all are having a wonderful Holiday Season. Just wanted to send you our little video christmas card. Thank you guys for caring enough about what we do to wanna keep in touch. Here's David doing a little number from the Christmas show with a 'one time only' special guest star.

I'm in Bermuda for two weeks (being force fed sugar and carbs by my mom) and Rich is currently in Ohio with Bob and Janice. One of these days we'll be in the same place for Christmas... but since we kind of celebrate it every night for a month leading up to it... i guess it evens out! xo jojo.