And God created Adam... and there was kickin' music.

Howdy folks! Wowzers, it's hot. Doing the shows in 100 degree weather leaves something to be desired... but we're truckin' on. Audiences are fantastic and One Hit Wonders and Elvis are sold out for the entire rest of the summer... with like only 9 seats left for Sinatra. Woot. ALSO as of this morning you guys helped us SELL OUT Euan Morton's one night show (with a week to go!)- which I am SOOO proud of. I really wanted Euan to be want to go back to New York and say that Huntington was a great place to perform - and now it's gonna be killer. The summer actors and I are gonna huddle up on the steps to watch - but that's a problem I'm thrilled to have! Just got a facebook message from La Urbanczyk - she said "I saw his cabaret a couple years ago at the Metropolitan Room and was blown away. He's adorable and so talented. Huntington's in for a treat!!". And that Elizabeth ain't easy to impress :) :)

Gonna start a little series of interview blogs that I think will give you a fun picture of what goes into putting together our shows... First up, I had a chat with our amazing musical director Adam Jones as he was departing our happy band (after the final show was up and running). As you will see - the most delicious thing about Adam is he's a real new yorker - right outta the cast of Sopranos New Yorker :) He done the most incredible job for us this season... so here's a little peek behind the scenes.