Here comes Broadway...

So some of you guys know this - but i want to make sure I let EVERYBODY know. I'm so excited because on July 31st, for one night only, the incredible Euan Morton is going to perform his one man cabaret at The Supper Club. Euan is a great big broadway star... When he was starring in Taboo on Broadwaythere was a billboard in times square of his face about 30 feet high! He played Boy George in that show (while starring on stage WITH Boy George) which was produced by Rosie O' Donnell and he got nominated for a slew of a awards. He got nominated for a Tony and an Olivier (the English equivalent of a Tony) and won a Theater World award for his incredible debut performance on Broadway. Euan has one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard and he is an incredible, hilarious performer as well. He also has the most fabulous wife and the prettiest baby I've ever seen in my life. euan-and-fam.jpg

It's so rare for a broadway performer like this to come perform regionally because he works so much in New York. In Indiana audiences get the chance to see the big touring shows, but not the stars who create the roles in them (cuz they stay in New York to create another role in another show). So the fact that Euan is coming to town is so special to me.

He's starred on Broadway with Kevin Kline and Alfred Molina (Doctor Octopus in the Spider Man movie) and Vanessa Williams and Tom Wopat (from Dukes of Hazzard). He's is BIG LEAGUE. It's just incredible that he's coming to visit us as our first guest cabaret artist - cuz he's done his shows at the Kennedy Center and the famous Birdland jazz club in New York and the Algonquin (one of the most legendary cabaret spaces in New York). He has an amazing new solo album out (his second) full of beautiful Scottish and Irish tunes (Euan is Scotsman) and he's touring around the country promoting the album. And that's why he's out of the city for the summer, rather than continuing to light up the Broadway. We worked together in New York, and I actually dialect coached him to help him with his american accent. And he and his wife have been incredibly supportive of eveything Rich and I are doing. Euan has never performed in Indiana, and he asked if we would like him to make it a stop on his tour. And we said YES.

Every place he's ever performed solo shows he's gotten raves... Reviewing his latest cabaret in New York, the New York Times reviewer said "Sweetness and good humor waft like a fresh breeze from the Scottish singer and actor Euan Morton in his show". I can promise you that he'll make you laugh and cry and you'll never forget what a special person he is. Love of music and his audience and his art just pour out of him with warmth and incredible passion. In his one man shows he sings all kinds of material - great big broadway classics, 60's hits, Joni Mitchell and traditional standards.

Plus he knows lots of celebrities and I'm pretty sure he'll have some first class gossip!

EUAN AND VANESSA WILLIAMS euan-and-vanessa-williams-web.jpg

NOW LET'S ADD KRISTEN CHENOWITH TO THAT GROUP!!! vanessa-kristin-euan-web.jpg

EUAN AND ROSIE rosie-and-euan-web.jpg

EUAN AND KEVIN KLINE kline-and-euan-web.jpg

EUAN AND ALFRED MOLINA euan-alfred-web.jpg

EUAN AND BOY GEORGE (he got nominated for a Tony for portraying Boy George on Broadway) euan-boy-george-web.jpg

And he'll sign albums and all that stuff after the show too... here are some clips of him and his amazingness:

And here is in a clip from the show that made him a star - Taboo (he's playing Boy George... that's not his everyday casual wear!)

And here's a interview with him that gives you a sense of what a special guy he would be.

July 31st, kids. We've still got tickets available - they are 40 bucks and on top of your broadway star it includes the usual yummy dinner. Please share this special evening with us, and help us give him a big ol' Huntington welcome so that Euan can spread the word that our theater is a great place for Broadway stars to come and visit!

xo jojo.